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Will it get better or better quit now?

(Yes, I was the junior before bitching about the clueless senior)
I feel like I'm doing a bad job, and every senior I'm assigned to hates me cause I botched something and since we work in 1 to 2 week forecasts per client, I can't go back to fix them. I need time to learn, and since it's the busy season, fuck time.
Really, I sucked so bad that I don't know if I can handle another season. I want to stay in audit. I can handle the long hours and all the shit that comes with it. I just can't handle my continuous stream of sucking.
Audit is definitely a learning experience I want to continue (at least, until I'm management material outside). I find private work menial and I'm just gonna be a bookeeper at my level of experience. However, I might just suck in the firm longer and I don't want them to just come and plainly fire me. I will pull out all the stops this slack season to train more.
Based on your experience, do you think that the young'uns that suck like me can get better the next season? Or since as of next season, I'm already "experienced", I will just plainly break down since they'll give me harder companies? Is audit along the lines of either you have it or you don't?