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Accounting Firms

Firm That Calls Itself the ‘Construction CPAs’ Did Not Make the List of the Top 50 Construction Accounting Firms

Up until last year, there hadn’t been an actual ranking of the best independent construction accounting firms. But trade magazine Construction Executive is into that sort of thing, I guess. For its latest report, which of course has a pandemic-related theme, Construction Executive used an algorithm that weighed seven factors in descending order of importance […]

TIL: There’s a Ranking of the Top 50 Construction Accounting Firms

The editors at Construction Executive must have been desperate to fill their editorial calendar for 2019 because the trade magazine just came out with its inaugural ranking of the top 50 accounting firms that provide services to construction clients. Here’s all the work Construction Executive did to come up with its first-ever accounting firm listicle: […]


I am currently a junior and I have accepted an internship offer with GT this summer and I will most likely be getting a full time offer. I want to recruit again for the big four senior year, but I am worried about not getting any offers from them and end up with no job […]

Full-Time offers

So I missed my opportunity to attend a big 4 (or top 10 in general) summer leadership conference last summer to have the opportunity to get an internship for next summer. Now I'm going into my last year of school hoping to be able to get a full time offer from a big 4 firm. […]

Will my Big 4 Internship Offer Get Rescinded?

Hello all, I received a Big 4 summer 2017 internship offer after attending one of their leadership conferences this past summer. My university does not offer an accounting major, so I am studying econonics. However, I am also pursuing two other degrees and actually on track to graduate a year early. The firm I'll be […]

Baker Tilly Ex-Partner Sues for Age Discrimination

Anybody know the inside scoop on this kerfuffle? The case is Paul Walter Pocalyko v. Baker Tilly Virchow Crouse, LLP in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, although it looks like the case is headed for arbitration. Pocalyko was a 54-year-old equity holder when he was canned. He claims his supervisor asked him, "How […]

Looking for Someone with Experience with Gramm-Lach-Bliley Act Compliance

I am looking for anyone with experience in complying with the Gramm-Lach-Bliley Act as the act applies to CPA firms. 

Partner Ethics – or Lack Thereof

I'm a senior at a top 20 CPA firm, the lower part of the top 20, up for manager next year. I work on roughly half public and half private jobs, all under the umbrella of financial services. All my private jobs are under one manager and all my public jobs are under a different […]

Successful negotiations

Has any one successfully negotiated to increase their year end salary at a big four? Can you please share the story.

Tax Reform

With the elction of Donald Trump, we will now have a Republican majority congress and president.  Theoretically, we won't be subject to legislation gridlock like the last eight years and tax reform seems to be a very real possibiliy.  As a CPA who is heavily invested in tax  (about 70% of my billable hours), I am naturally curious […]

EY vs PwC Phoenix Assurance

If offered a position with Ernst & Young and PwC in the Phoenix office, which one would you choose and why? From my knowledge, PwC is bigger and better on the global level. Locally, however, EY has a much larger market share. I love the people at both firms, which is why the decision is […]

Big 4 Holiday Time Off

Hey everyone- I will be starting a position with a Big 4 firm next month and was wondering what the holiday policy was at your firm around Thanksgiving & Christmas? Just trying to get a feel for the bigger firms, I currently work at a small firm and we have a pretty generous holiday time […]

Negotiating Salary with one Big 4 to Another

I am currently in the interview process at a BIG 4 firm (4th rank, you already know) for an internal position doing IT Technical Support, something I want to go back and pursue. I already have 3 years of experience from college and I loved it. The position is stable with 40-45 hours/week, no client […]

Transfer from tax to financial advisory

Good evening all, I started out as tax in Big4 right afte MAcc several months ago. Being in tax has been a little different from what I expected, and I strongly feel that I would be a better fit in financial advisory. I've only seen a few cases where people switched from tax to advisory, […]

Big 4 independence monitoring

I was recently promoted to manager at EY (non-assurance) and received a notification that EY is requiring all managers and above to maintain all brokerage accounts with brokers that participate in a live feed program into EY's independence monitoring system.  I'm curious to hear if Deloitte, PwC  or KPMG require similar direct monitoring?    

Busy Season at Big 4

I have a question about how the audit busy season typically works at a Big 4 firm. I work as an auditor at a smaller regional firm now and during our busy season we work 60-65 hours per week (Monday-Saturday) from mid-January through April 15. Once our audit work gets wrapped up around mid-March then […]

Can someone explain National Tax Services?

I recently accepted a job to join one of the Big 4 in a tax group but I have not yet started.  I was visiting a guy in Washington, DC, and one of his friends worked for the same Big 4 in the "National Tax Services" group.  I was unfamiliar with this group and we […]

Accepted FT offer, but want to interview for another position

Hey everyone, I am currently entering my last year of undergrad. I was an intern in ITRA within the Advisory service line with a Big 4 firm in the summer of 2015. I accepted a FT offer after my internship, but deferred my start date until Summer/Fall 2017 because I decided not to graduate early […]

Is PwC facing an existential threat?

ICYMI, a random gaggle of melanoma-brained Floridians will soon decide whether PwC has to pay $5.5 billion in damages to the burned-out remnants of a fraudulent mortgage lender: And two more lawsuits concerning the same matter are pending in Alabama with similarly astronomical damages claims. Plus it looks like PwC isn't going to appeal its […]

Dealing with other interns

i have a huge problem today.  Some other interns decided to push their works to me because they were assigned "too much" work from the director Pretty much they decided to boss me around when they are interns like me except they are a few years older.. I have already stated I already have work […]

Cyber Security Advisory practice at a big 4- job duties

I work in the ITA field and wanted to know more about what the daily tasks are and what exactly the job consists of for an associate in Cyber Security at one of the big 4. Also, is it a more 'techy'? Is there a busy season?

Does a master in accounting help me get a job in a public firm?

hi, I have a bachelor degree in accounting from top university in North Africa. I have over 7 years foreign experience as an internal auditor. I came to the US in 2010 to be a CPA. In 2013 I got my certificate in accounting, and as of may 2016 I passed all four section of […]

Question about EY Advisory FSO

Hi all, First time post here. I have a phone interview this week with a recruiter from EY about a Process and Control (P&C) Lead Senior position based in San Francisco. The position is within FSO. I have a bachelors in finance and have worked in accounting and financial analysis in the past (no CPA). […]

Houston Big Four

I'm about to graduate from a university in Texas, and just signed an internship offer w/ KPMG Houston. They have several large clients in the North Houston area (where I'm from) and I've been told that I will be able to work on those engagement teams.  I was just wondering if there were any fellow […]

EY vs PwC vs GT DC/McLean Audit

I am a rising junior who recently completed externships with EY and PwC, and have received internship offers from them. I have not attended GT's secondary externship yet, but I expect to recieve an offer with the firm. I enjoyed EY's externship a lot more than PwC's, and I have definitely enjoyed interacting with people […]

International Tax or Transfer Pricing?

Hi guys, So i work at one of the big 4 professional services firms in the in Qatar, they hired me before i even graduated from the UK to work in International Tax ("ITS"), I've been doing ITS for the last 2.5 years as an associate, and this year I was finally hoping to get […]

Senior manager at Deloitte vs Grant Thornton

I am 37 years old. Currently a high performing senior manager at Deloitte. Goal is to become a partner and not a managing director. Currently in my service line we are a bit top heavy. I am already a 4 th year SM. Might have to wait longer and also I don't see strong chances […]

EY Layoffs

I work in Advisory services and I know the TAP/BAP program has hired too many people recently and they have not staffed everyone. Does this mean we can expect some layoffs going into next fiscal? how often to big4 firms layoff employees and for what reasons?

PwC Advisory – delayed undergraduate FT start dates

Hearing some noise that FT undergraduates have had their start dates pushed from August. Some delayed to as late as February…. anybody know if this is a national thing or just our office? Also does this mean PwC is making advisory cuts as a whole…

Becker’s feeding us a bunch of BS

Now, I know we should always take salary charts with a grain of salt, especially if they're trying to sell us something, but I think Becker just takes it to a whole new level. In the link, it saying starting salaries for first year associates is about $68k, with senior associates salaries being over […]

Expansion of work scope from state to federal

Hi all, i have some concerns that I wouldl like to share with you and get some advice on it. I am working at on of Big 4 accounting firms. I currently have  5 years tax experience in industry (tax department) and 1.5 month in public firm (Yup, I am a newbie!) Here is my […]

What do you think of PwC’s new casual dress code

All clothing is expected to reflect your professionalism. Avoid large logos or phrases that may be offensive to others. Clothes shouldn't be frayed or have holes… even if they're stylish holes. Pants & Skirts: Dress slacks, khakis, corduroys and jeans are acceptable; casual dresses and skirts are acceptable. Mini-skirts and thin-strapped dresses are considered inappropriate. […]

How do you handle your CPE?

My firm is telling me to look up stuff for this year's CPE. Since we have a firm policy of doing at least 40 CPE hours a year (I'm not yet licensed as a CPA), I need to look at stuff to fulfill that requirement. Being from Anchorage, I have some traveling to do but […]

Getting soft

Is it me or are partners too soft on the employees now a days because they are afraid they are going to leave. I know of managers that can't even talk to client beucase the client will walk all over them. 

Your thoughts/experience in regards to reneging a big four offer?

The background story: I was like any other common student who wanted an internship in public accounting so I could have the experience and a full-time offer. I've taken a few career risks in the past where I wouln't sign a second internship offer with the same firm or I would leave a firm because […]

Big 4 Audit…Which city?

Which city would you recommend moving to when working in audit for a big 4 firm? I am considering: Atlanta, Charlotte, DC, Denver. Also, could someone provide some insight on the culture of the companies at each of the cities and which of the big 4 has the best/largest clients and reputation in each city? […]

Big 4 major gpa problem?

So I recently got a full time offer from PwC and on the intial application, I put down a 3.4 major GPA. I had a rough semester and got a C+ and a B in two of my accounting classes and my major GPA fell to a 3.125 Now here's the question, my transcripts do […]

Paid Overtime

I recently got an offer from a Big 4 firm. The base and signing were all as expected an I'm happy about them, but I also noticed I'm going to be paid overtime(?). Exactly what this means I'm unsure and the details of this are not really clear in the offer letter. I'm planning to […]

Which Big 4 offers the best and most benefits?

Hello, Which of the Big 4 offers the best and most benefits to it's employees? Thanks much.

Conditions for offering signing bonus

Hi all, I am curious about under what circumstances firms offer signing bonus or agree to add signing bonus. My guess is it is used for: 1) a substitute for a higher salary 2) an extra motivation to the job seeker for accepting offer from firm A instead of B when he/she is in high […]

Deciding between PwC&Deloitte (NYM)

Went to both offices, liked people at both places. However, didn't meet that many people. If you work for or know people at Deloitte/PwC NYC. What do you think? Do you like the people? What is the culture like? Are peopel friends outside of work?

Deloitte’s pay (NYC) not to market compared to other Big4s?

I usually just lurk on this site but one post from reddit caught my interest recently and made me wonder if Deloitte pays less than other big4s (especially in the NYC office). From my understanding they pay the least in my market (NYC) for entry-level associates. Is the pay consistently lower as you progress in […]

Employment History/Background Check for Interns

I have accepted an internship offer with a big 4 for the next summer, and I was just wondering about the next step: background check. I was just wondering, for anyone who has done a similar check recently, what do they check exactly? Preferably a comprehensive list as to what was asked of on the […]

PwC’s manager milestone bonus: Do other firms have something similar?

Do other big4 firms have something similar for newly promoted managers? PwC pays new managers a 25% bonus. Seems like a nice incentive for a new hire to choose pwc if someone's looking to stay for a while. Is PwC doing this because it takes one extra year to make manager and people wont get […]

Choosing between PwC and Deloitte NYC, please advise!

I am deciding between my Deloitte and PwC (both NYC commercial, not interested in FS) offers. Here are some of my observations/concerns. Sorry if this has been brought up before. I am pretty torn at this point and could really use some advice. PwC: 1) I didn't like the people I talked to that much. […]

Looking to transfer offer from PwC Miami to Boston

I'm currently in school finishing my last year and a half. I interned with PwC Miami this past summer and accepted an audit position with them for January 2017. Due to personal reasons, I have decided I really want to transfer my offer to the Boston office. In my e-mail to HR I would like […]

EY or PwC in San Jose Office?

Hey guys, I am moving to San Jose next few years and I want to find out more about the Big 4 offices in San Jose. I am in audit, and I would like to know if it were you which office would you choose and for what reason? I would like to factor in […]

To Go Big 4 or Regional?

Hi there, I'm a college senior in the DC Metro area and I have two full-time job offers; one for a big 4 firm, and another for a regional firm. I am aware of the drawbacks at a big 4 (working like a slave for ex.) but I still feel like it will be very […]


Does anyone out there know why the ability to send images and GIFs via PwC Google hangouts is "disabled by the administrator"? Or do I need to ping Bomo about this? 

Permanent Employee at Big 4 vs Being a Contractor

Hi, So this is been a doing a lot of rounds at the Big4 I work at – Many employees over the past year quit and have returned back as contractors after forming their own company and looking at the bill rate they are making two to three times the salary they were making.  I […]

Getting experience letter from a previous employer

Hi all! I just posted a similer question but don't know how to edit it after the submittion. I did some research so here's the updated question. I'm about to switch employer and wondering if it's possible to get a experience letter from the current employer after leave the firm. I will have my final section […]

What’s the avg tax internship like?

I'm graduating next year with bachelors in accounting. Been in contact with Deloitte about a tax internship next summer (after graduation, before grad school). Just wondering what I could expect out of a tax internship there or at the other Big4.  (Hours, responsibilities, pay,etc) I have a 3.74 gpa, honors, and have experience as a […]

All Big 4 have same Fiscal Year?

Does all four BIG 4's have same fiscal caledar year? KPMG FY: 10/1 to 9/30 Benefits: Jan 1st Promotion & salar increase effective: 10/1 What abot all others?  

Elijah Watt Sells Award Question!!! Please Answer

Does anyone know if McGladrey gives a bonus for winning the EWS Award like the Big 4?????? Curious if I'm wasting months of my life that I'll never get back…

Waiting for Big 4 offer

I had an interview at a Big 4 last week and after about an hour after the interview was called and told they were moving forward with me. We also talked a little about comp but I have not heard from them since. Anyone have any experience with a situation like this? How long does […]

Big 4 not for me, should I be a writer?

I've been interning at a big four for a very long time now. Yes, they must think I'm good or cheap, or both to have extended me for so long. The downside is that I've been with the service group for such a long time that I've seen crazy stuff happen…and I'm thinking to myself […]

EY employees tucking their shirts into jeans????

I have heard EY employees are allowed to dress casual to work these days, but are required to tuck in their shirts into jeans?

Which big 4 has the most number of people in SF?

I'm just trying to find out the relative size and presence of the big4 in the bay area. Is there any difference among them? Which one has the biggest presence in biotechnology/healthcare sector? Thanks!

How does PwC keep the best employees if Deloitte and EY both offer pension plans but PwC doesn’t?

I'm always baffled by the fact that despite PwC is one of the big 4s, it doesn't offer pension plan that EY and Deloitte offer to their employees. How does PwC keep their best people if they don't offer competitive compensation like their competitors? Is there anything that PwC does to compensate for the fact […]

Incoming Deloitte Cyber Security Consultant

I am an incoming Deloitte Cyber Security Consultant. I am curious about the role. I want to know if anyone has an idea of what the daily activities of a cyber security consultant include and the particular skill sets needed to be great at this position. I have a strong accounting background with limited/good IT […]

Two Weeks Notice vs. Immediate Termination

I know that Big 4 firms will sometimes terminate employees immediately or the next day upon someone putting in their two weeks notice. If the firm terminates you in that manner, do you stop getting paid that day or are they legally required to pay you through some sort of notice period? (Ignoring PTO)

Transferring to South America Office- Salary Adjustment?

Hello, Wondering if anyone has dealt with a similar situation…I am a Staff II in Advisory at EY and have requested a transfer to our Chilean office, for about a year or possibly two. This is something that I've been pursuing for a long time and I'm very excited it's starting to pan out; however, part […]

Best Route to Deal Advisory (Transactions)

Hey Guys,  I was hoping someone might be able to provide some advice relating to a current goal of mine. Background: CPA within the Risk Consulting Practice of my current Big 4 Firm. Clients are exclusively financial services; this is mostly regulation (CCAR) and control assessments. I've been an associate with the firm for 1.5 […]

What is the heirarchy at Crowe Horwath for NFP tax specialty group?

Anyone know what the heirarchy is at Crowe Horwath in their Not-For-Profit tax group? Specifically, is there a title between Senior and Manager (e.g. Heavy Senior, 1st year Supervisor, etc)? 

Transferring offices after internship.

I started my internship with a big four public accounting firm in a mid-sized office in the Northeast region. I received an early internship offer last summer and since then I have changed my mind about where I want to live. I am currently interning at an office that is located near my college. My […]

PwC new hire salary increase?

Does anyone have any inside info on the new hire salary increase at PwC? It's been a rumor for a while, just wondering if anyone knows any numbers. Also, from reading the comp thread, it looks like current employee salaries are not getting anything extra. So an A2 is making approximately what a new hire […]

Relocation Bonus Clawback in Big 4

  From the mailbag, an EY senior manager is wondering if anyone has run into this relocation issue:  I recently relocated to a new market and was given a relocation bonus.  As part of my transfer I had to sign a relocation payback type of agreement which states if I leave the firm within 36 […]

B4 Tax Senior Manager AMA

I have 2 hours until my train comes.  I havent been on going concern in forever and thought I would jump in for a bit. 

Big 4 background check – credit check

This is a fairly specific question related to the background check for a full-time offer with a Big 4 firm (KPMG). I interned last summer with the firm, received a full-time offer, and will be starting FT this fall. My concern is that during the background check the firm may have noticed my credit is […]

EY Audit Rotation Programs

Just finished my Senior 1 year at EY audit, and I am thinking about doing a rotation program to see what other parts of the firm are like. I think they offer Tax and TAS, and maybe consulting (Performance Improvement) rotations for Audit Seniors. Does anyone have experience going through any of the rotation programs? […]

EYs Climate Change and Sustainability practice

Can anyone explain to me what the actual deliverable is with this group?  Is it just consulting on how to cut back greenhouse gases? Generate good PR related to climate change?  Purely out of curiosity.

Big 4 Background Check on Transfer GPA

Hey everyone, Long time reader, first time poster. Anyway, I recently landed a Big 4 internship for this summer and included my 3.8 GPA from my current school on my resume. I submitted my unofficial transcripts from my current school during the application process and everything checked out. I was never asked by anyone during […]

Start Dates with Big 4?

Does anyone have any experience of when exactly you receive a start date as a new hire out of college? I was told "May" by my recruiter (as in find out more about start dates in May) and don't want to pester them too much. But seriously. When can I have my start date, yo. […]

How family friendly is B4 for years 1-5?

I'm a 2nd year Auditor at a B4. When I was going through the intreview process I stated I am married and many met my husband. They all fed me the "100 best places for moms!!" kool-aid. I feel like when I state I would like to stay local for engagements there is a little […]

Big accounting firm failures because of overleverage?

Yo Dogs, Have any large accounting firms failed in the past because of overleverage or bank loan defaults? Aside from Arthur Anderson, my Google, WestLaw, and Lexis searches aren't turning up any case studies. And this is for a seminar paper comparing Big Accounting to Big Law, so we are talking Dewey-like studies. Thanks for […]

Day-In-the-Life of Deloitte F&ORT Consultant

Hi, I recieved an offer from Deloitte ERS Advisory as a Finance and Operations Risk Transformation Consultant (F&ORT). I also have a conflicting offer with another firm and would like to know what my Deloitte role entails. Are the projects that I will be engaging in involve mitigating risk in accounting pronouncments, statuatory reporting requirements, […]

Ease of Promotion at different B4 Firms

I came to EY from KPMG.  It seemed much easier at KPMG to get promoted to Manager (3 years being a senior and unless you were awful at your job you'd get promoted) and top performers seemed to at least have the chance of getting promoted early. Thoughts/comments?

EY FSO Start Dates

Have all FSO new hires got their start dates yet? 

Did PwC finally bump up new associate pay?

A query from the mailbag: Rumors of the Boston office starting January new associates at $59k vs the previous $55k. Can we all expect a slight bump up in July?

EY Client List San Fran

Does anyone know some of the clients that EY has in San Francisco?

Andersen Stories

I was reading some of the posts under this article ( and it was interesting to read about experiences during Andersen's demise. For those who either worked at Andersen, or were part of a firm that took on the various Andersen branches after its demise, what are some interesting stories and experiences you had with […]

Interning at PwC NYC office this summer

Any tips? Anyone work there now or in the past? Is there a secret tunnel under the PwC Building that I don't know about?

Deloitte Office Transfer – Accepted Entry level job offer

I would like some info or advise on Deloitte's office transfer. I accepted an offer in Deloitte Advisory in NYC and don't start until mid-summer. I am finishing my undergrad degree this May. I now realize I want to live in California. They haven't yet assigned me to a specific client and will in about […]

Accepted Mid-tier Job Offer, 2nd Interview with Big 4

Hi Everyone, I have recently accepted a job offer from a mid-tier firm in LA but recently got a final interview with Big 4 at a different city. If the Big 4 firm does offer me a job, which one should I choose? Should I drop the mid-tier firm in LA? If I have not […]

Big 4 Technology

I've always wondered about this, but how do you really feel about the technology at your firm? I know they're no Google, but I'm sure there are differences between different firms and I'm curious. E.g., model of laptop, how often do you qualify for upgrades, programs used, second and/or portable monitors, tech support, etc. etc.

Who to talk to when thinking about leaving

Who should I talk to when thinking about leaving public? I'm looking to leave this summer, and am not sure if having a conversation with my coach is a good idea or not. How would letting them know that I'm considering leaving do any good? A raise is not something that will keep me on.  […]

Repaying certification bonus upon quitting

I signed a form that said I'd pay back the bonus for the certification if I were to quit within one year. Is stuff like this enforced?

Red Flags on Background Checks & Hiring Process

Been worrying about this issue for awhile. Have tried talking to professors and people in the industry and cannot seem to find a solid understanding of what to do and/or what will most likely happen. I am an undergrad senior graduating this Spring 2015 with my accounting degree. During the fall semester of my Junior […]

Anyone Else Getting Busy Season Goodies?

Anyone getting any Busy Season goodies or treats beign sent to their office? I just got this from Thomson Reuters

QuikTrip Ranks Higher Than Big 4 on Fortune List

I'm sure all of the Big 4 got some kind of stupid email from their CEO bragging about appearing on the Fortune "100 Best Companies to Work For" list today. However, I noticed that Plante & Moran was the highest CPA firm on the list. I also notice KPMG is supposedly the best Big 4 […]

Subletting Audit Work to India

The Big 4 routinely farm out clerical work on an overnight basis to affiliates in India. The same for clerical tax work. The Big 4ism names for this export of jobs includes Global Hub  and World Market etc. If I was a client, I'd be pissed my data was shipped there nightly. Partner comp includes […]

Best/Worst Accounting Jokes

So here I am sitting in the bowels of New Jersey and we are getting punchy here in the audit room. What are your best/worst accounting jokes? "You need to tie out the accrued payroll.  But remember, it's accrual world" or "There are three types of accountants: those who can add and those who can't" […]

When a recruiter asks you to call them

Does this mean they threw your resume in the trash and lost your phone number?  Has anyone else had a similar experience? Buehler… Buehler… Buehler…

Is “unplugging” really that hard, people?

Happy NYE GC community. I am perplexed so I thought I would throw my thoughts out into the troll-a-verse. Per what I am reading on GC and my firm's own intranet, Big 4 is making a move to help its employees unplug and enjoy the holiday season (and work-life balance in general).  A lot of […]

Big 4 International Rotations

Could some of the B4 people out there share some information regarding international rotations within their firms? Information regarding the following would be greatly appreciated: At what level is this type of rotation generally done? Are these available for audit/tax only, or are there rotations available for advisory folks? What type of relocation expenses are […]

The Economist on auditing

The Economist has published its perennial jeremiad on the audit profession. The only idea I hadn't heard before was "financial statements insurance" (second to last paragraph). What do we think

Am I underpaid or is full of shit

Big4 Senior. Major Market. I started at my firm as an intern and have been with the firm for 3 years (going into my fourth). 2 Rated every year excluding my first. I have a couple of partners at the firm who are supposedly pulling for me during comp meetings. Everything should be good.   […]

Technology groups at Big 4?

Hello GCers, So I've recently accepted a position at the B4… the Big "D" shall we say. I'll be working in the headquarters. Does anyone know of any good Audit groups I could try to get into if I'm interested in working with tech companies? Like what I should request or anything? I never had […]

Pros and cons of auditing various industries

I'm at a Big 4 in NYC and I'm looking to move internally and change my industry specialization. I like audit but am ready for a change, however I don't really know what industry I should move to. I was hoping to get opinions on high level pros/cons of working in various industries like health […]

How long to switch Big 4 firms?

What's the least amount of time you've seen someone switch from one Big 4 firm to another?