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Footnotes: Getting Social With the SEC; Europeans Ready to Auditor Swap; Credit Suisse Needs a Recount | 04.03.14

Friended on Facebook? Praised on Yelp? The SEC May Take a Look [Compliance Week]

Busy season claims another "sole" [Twitter]

Google Shareholder Votes Can Be Worth Less Than Zero [BBW]

Don't let your kid be a tax cheat [Fox Business]

Mozilla needs a new CEO, preferably one who doesn't hate gays [Reuters]

Pioneer Behind Credit Derivatives is Leaving JPMorgan [Frontline]

Stein to step down from depleted Fed board That's Jeremy, not Jenny [Reuters]

The CFTC checked out this HFT thing and it is totally not rigged, you guys [BBW]

EU to Tighten Accounting Rules [WSJ]

Accounting for Past Sins "Past sins have a funny way of catching up with banks, especially those where the bosses have trouble keeping track of what goes on inside them. Back on Feb. 6, Credit Suisse Group AG said fourth-quarter net income was 267 million Swiss francs ($299 million). But that was only a preliminary result contained in an earnings release. Today Credit Suisse said it had "updated" that to a net loss of 476 million francs. Whoops." [Bloomberg View]

The Economist says European auditors are "ready to rotate," why does that make me think of sit n spin? [The Economist]