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Accounting News Roundup: Auditor Conflict? What Auditor Conflict?; Reminder: It’s NOT “Strategy Ampersand”; Take Some Vacation, America | 04.04.14

PwC’s Booz Deal Revives Specter of Enron-Era Conflicts [Bloomberg]
Not everyone is concerned. Namely, ex-PCAOB member Dan Goelzer who is quoted: “It’s not clear to me personally that this is a problem." 

Just a reminder that the ampersand is not silent, just abbreviated by six letters.

Why PwC just changed the name of its 100-year-old consulting acquisition [Quartz]
Well, for starters, it had to: "Booz & Company split from public-sector-focused Booz Allen Hamilton in 2008, and under the terms of the split, a change in control had to mean a change in name."

Seven Things Great Employers Do (that Others Don’t) [HBR]
"Have a straightforward and decisive approach to performance management" is my personal favorite

How would auditors’ reporting affect “other information”? [JofA]
Also discussed during the PCAOB's two-day meeting: How to define "evaluate." Ugh.

EU Enacts 10-Year Auditor Rotation [CFO]
Meanwhile, elsewhere: "The European Parliament [Thursday] enacted new rules requiring public companies to change auditors after a maximum of 10 years. EU member countries can decide to extend the 10-year auditor rotation period for up to 10 more years if companies tender the audit contract out but choose the incumbent firm. Countries can extend the term by up to 14 added years if the audited company appoints more than one audit firm to carry out its audit."

Singer Michelle Williams Calls Out #PoorMichelle Hashtag And Blog On Twitter: "That's Not What My Accountant Said!" [IBT]
At least one celebrity appreciates her accountant.

Let's do better, people.

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