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How much do they expect us to know as juniors?

So here it goes, I'm fresh meat, license and diploma still hot off the press, and I just got hired in a big 4 audit firm.

In my first real field work, I was left alone. I had a month to finish the loans cycle and God help me, I don't know what the heck I was doing. I was asking for help on what to do but my senior just told me to suck it up and try to solve the problems at my level before bringing it to her. So I ended up not bringing up many of my issues, mostly, how the heck should I do this and I think there is something wrong, what should I do. I was so focused in the areas I am having trouble with that I was not able to do anything else. Now, my time with the said client is done, I have left with so much pending work for my senior, and my client is not at all helpful (ALWAYS giving me what I need last minute). 

I know my senior doesn't have time to hold my hand in everything, and I basically I ask too many questions. But come on, I am not doing well at all. I was limping, not making progress. I was just asking her to show me the gun and I'll shoot.

 Is this how it really is? I just want to jump ship now if its really this bad because I feel like I was abandoned. Also, I think I'll be known in the whole firm as the "one who didn't finish", so seniors would be wary of me.