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Money, Technical Stuff, and a Comment Box: This Is the New Open Items

Attention, friends and accountants — we have a little more news to share. Yesterday we announced our partnership with FloQast, and alluded to an enhanced Open Items. I wasn’t joking; we have made some enhancements and improvements to your favorite accounting forum on the whole wide internet. I’ll take just a few minutes of your […]

Get in Touch

Our editor is off today, but will be back tomorrow. Send us tips and stories by hitting the button at the top of the page or emailing us directly. Or keep yourselves entertained in Open Items, including this person who wants help making a choice. UPDATE: The OP had second thoughts about their posting. Try […]

Going Concern Presents: The Top 5 Open Items of 2014

I know it seems like a long time ago but believe it or not, we launched Open Items this year. Crazy, huh? In the spirit of year in review posts, we humbly present our picks for the top 5 Open Items of 2014. Mind you, these are arbitrarily chosen by our team of keyboard ninjas […]

GC Is Looking for New Writers If You Think You’re Bitter and Punny Enough

Before I get to the important bit, I want to make it known that we've always been open to new writers. Sometimes we get lucky and someone like Greg Kyte manages to find time in his busy schedule to bless us with an article. Sometimes we get a stupid idea like running a new talent […]

OCI: Can You Help Close Out These Open Items?

You may be thinking "ugh, I'm not down with OPP (other people's problems)" and of course ain't nobody got time for that but hey, it's a nice thing to do. So do it. Here are a few outstanding items from Open Items if you're feeling particularly charitable with your wisdom today: Someone in tax at […]

OCI: Let’s Check Off a Few of These Open Items

In case you aren't glued to the democratic free-for-all that is Open Items, we want to make sure to bring a few outstanding items to your attention should you feel compelled to kick down some wisdom to these lost little souls. Someone hoping to leave Big 4 for greener pastures wants to know how to […]

Let’s Talk Open Items!

In case you didn't get the memo, your Friday Open Items thread has moved from the front page to — wait for it — Open Items. This week's thread is right here. If anyone is up earlier than me and would care to kick things off on Friday mornings, nothing is stopping you, otherwise I […]

Friday Open Items is Now Closed for Business

Welcome to this, the very last Friday Open Items post you will probably ever see on the front page again. Why? Because we launched something even BETTER on this week and therefore we don't need to dedicate a single post to letting you all have a free for all in the comment section. To prove […]

Going Concern Presents…Open Items: Where the Accounting Profession’s Conversations Happen

It's a bit strange to think that we started Open Items last summer. For some reason (most likely it was sheer laziness on my part) I thought it would be a good idea to throw up a post that had no point but to let people discuss whatever they wanted. It's been a barrel of […]

Friday Open Items Is Open For Business

How on Earth is it Friday again? Who cares, it is! I'm sorry I missed you all yesterday, my face had an unfortunate date with pavement the night before and let's just say I look like my boyfriend at the Fed finally had it with my constant berating of his employer. I can't even say […]

You Can Never Be Too Open in Friday Open Items

Rejoice rejoice, Friday is upon us! Even with a day off on Monday, I don't know about you guys but it couldn't come soon enough for me. Not that I don't love spending my days with you all but I have laundry to catch up and with accounting students needed help, a little China drama […]

Let’s Get Open But Not Too Open in This Friday Open Items, the NSA is Watching

YAY Friday! Oh how I missed you. I don't know about you guys but I'm watching President Obama's speech right now, which is making me a little ragey so I'm just going to keep this short and go scream in private. For those of you that are new around here, Open Items is your place […]

Friday Open Items, Now With 25% Less Friday!

I would apologize for the delay in getting Open Items going this morning but Colin told me once to NEVER apologize, it makes you weak. Or something. What a cutthroat clown that guy can be sometimes, must have been life in the Big 4 that turned him into such a hardened jerk. ANYHOO, here we […]

Let’s Resolve To Get Chatty in This Friday Open Items!

How is it Friday already? Or rather, thank goodness it's Friday already because I don't know about you all but I haven't been inspired to do much of anything for at least two weeks, so a few more days of doing very little will be lovely. Basically my foster cat looks like I feel: For […]

Best of Luck to You in This Friday the 13th Open Items Thread

It's my distinct pleasure to once again bring you the world's finest accounting scuttlebutt. We call it Open Items. If you're superstitious, you're probably not even out of bed so I hope this motivates you to face the day whether it includes a client that resembles an axe-wielding maniac or something even more terrifying like […]

A Special Holiday Open Items, With a Few Items Of Our Own

As you've gathered by now, I'm far more "hands on" than Colin ever could be, maybe because I never learned to respect others' personal space and he's just, well, anti-social. In the spirit of my need to constantly check in with all of you because I care, before we get into this special holiday edition […]

Thank Goodness It’s Friday Open Items!

Before I let you loose in this week's open items thread, I have a brief housekeeping item I want to get out of the way that doesn't warrant its own post if that's cool. As you all know, today marks our first full week together since I took the wheel of this ratchet ship (#shoutouttoglory […]

Here Are Your Remaining Open Items For the Week

Starting today, we're going to pull the best from Friday's Open Items thread, forget all about the remaining nasty things that were said and start fresh. We're doing this because it's difficult to weed out the trolling, "where is the forum?" comments and the rest of the noise to get to the good stuff: you […]

Choose Your Words Carefully in This Friday’s Open Items Thread

It's time once again for circle of CPA chaos known as Open Items. Want to show off some accounting-related artistic skills? A tax haiku, perhaps? Are you seeking unfiltered career advice from some seasoned CPAs? Are you an auditor looking to air some grievances about your client? Are you a controller looking to air some […]

You Can’t Escape This Friday’s Open Items Thread

It's your favorite free-for-all of the week, Open Items. You can discuss anything you like here — industry careers, recruiting, overrated accounting firms, how photogenic Bob Moritz is, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Have a great Friday and try to keep the noise down.

Go Ahead and Let It All Go In This Friday Open Items Thread

Uh, don't take that headline too literally, I don't actually want any of you to let it all go but, you know, within reason. Acceptable topics: money careers interpersonal relationships speculating as to where Colin has disappeared to job opportunities social media best practices your favorite lunch joint near your office chicks, man where the […]

Fall Bassackwards Into This Friday’s Open Items Thread

It's that special time of the week where you can discuss whatever you like. It's called Open Items and you know you love it. Maybe not as much as Huell, but that's a tough act to beat. If your career is in a tailspin and need advice, if recruiting season isn't going as planned and […]

Don’t Hurt Yourself in This Friday’s Open Items Thread

The shutdown/debt ceiling crisis may be over for now, but danger is everywhere. Luckily, Open Items is a happy place. Feel free to discuss careers, accounting firms, regulators, recruiting, cafeteria quality. You can solicit advice, vent a little, ponder the similarities between Rasputin and the Red Sox. Whatever you like.  Just try to pick up after yourselves. Enjoy. […]

Don’t Rage, Have a Friday Open Items Thread Instead!

A wise former colleague once told me "Don't rage, have a beer instead." Since most of you guys are likely still in the office, you probably should hold off on boozing it up until at least 4pm or so (it is still Friday). If there's something you've been holding in all week, have exciting weekend […]

Take Out Your Frustrations on This Friday’s Open Items Thread

Shutdowns. Shootings. SINEAD O'CONNOR. What a week. Thankfully, Open Items gives you a voice. Unless you work at KPMG and aren't happy with your comp discuss. Snipe about that over here. But if you want to dissect Twitter's S-1, ask for recruiting advice, share a PCAOB inspection horror story, point out some news that we […]

Let Loose in This Friday Open Items Thread!

This is your opportunity to air your grievances, ask your questions, beg us for the millionth time to give you a forum and berate us for absolutely no reason except we're here and you're angry. Everything is fair game, although we'd appreciate if you not ask for a forum for the million and oneth time. […]

We’re *Real* Interested in This Friday’s Open Items Thread

After a week of red eye flights and drinking like I was in my 20s again, I can't muster much energy for this week's mishmash of non-sequiturs we call Open Items. If you're new here, then just know this is your opportunity to ask questions, give advice, discuss any stories from the last week, predict […]

Don’t Waste This Open Items Thread

This is your chance to discuss whatever you would like so don't blow it. We call it Open Items. Ask questions, give advice, point out that story we missed from this week. If you're a tax person, you can tell us about all the fun things you WON'T be doing this weekend. Whatever's on your […]

Give Yourself Some Love in This Friday’s Open Items Thread

It's an extraordinarily unproductive day here in Denver so Open Items is more welcome than usual this week. If you're new to this new happy fun time hour, this is your chance to discuss whatever you like. Did we miss any stories this week? Any tax folks got issues with 9 days until the corporate […]

Keep Busy in This Friday’s Open Items Thread

Before you get out of the office and begin the unofficial end of summer, take time out of your busy day to chat each other up in this week's Open Items. Did I miss your career advice question? Ask it here. Is there an accounting angle on Syria you'd like to bring to light? We'll […]

We’re Waiting…Just Waiting…in This Friday’s Open Items Thread

Once again the time in the week has come where you can discuss anything you like. It's called Open Items. If we missed a story from this week, if you want to solicit or offer some advice, or discuss a topic you haven't seen in these pages in a while, you may do so at […]

Impress Us in This Friday’s Open Items Thread

We've all survived another week — except if you haven't — so you've earned the right to discuss anything you like but we'd like to be impressed. Yes, this is Open Items where you can talk your love/hate relationship with the PCAOB, IRS, SEC, your clients, professors, co-workers, bosses, Going Concern writers, CPA review provider, […]

Play Nice in This Friday’s Open Items Thread

For one reason or another — the heat, your lousy pay, a poor golf game — you might have been a little cranky this week. Try to put all that aside. It's time for some inconsequential banter that we call Open Items.   Remember that this is very special time of the week when you […]

Oh, GO ON in Your Open Items Thread

It's the first Friday in August which means we're heading straight into the HOTTEST MOST BORING MONTH OF THE YEAR. We can't do anything about the heat, but be sure to drop us a line if anything interesting happens that you think we should know. Back to the matter at hand — if you're new […]

Get Smart in This Friday’s Open Items Thread

It's Friday again and time to engage in some insightful chatter on any subject that you want. Did we miss some news from the last week? Fail your CPA Exam by "that much"? Looking for some career advice? Or a new job? Need an excuse to get another cup of coffee? All these and more […]

Find a Cool Spot in Your Friday Open Items Thread

For those of you in locations that are experiencing unrelenting, god-awful hallucination-inducing heat, it's a relief to know that in just a few short hours you'll be able to sit in directly in front of an air conditioner for the next two days, just like this little guy. If you're still not sure how these […]

Wake Up! Here’s the Open Items Thread, So You Can Talk About Anything You Want

It's not even 2 pm on the east coast, which means some of you are running out of gas on this Friday. But hopefully the chance to talk about whatever you want will pull you through the rest of the day.  However, if you work at McGladrey or PwC, and want to talk about compensation, […]

You’re Not Leaving Work Until We Have an Open Items Thread

We're taking the next couple of days off, so it seems reasonable to do Open Items today. I'm sure many of you have cut out early, but you people on the west coast better still be around.  You know the drill, discuss anything you like — EY!, client opportunities in Egypt, marinade recipes for your […]

Don’t Phalter, Here’s Your Friday Open Items Thread

I realize this GIF would have been more appropriate during the week of the U.S. Open, so forgive my tardiness. It's time to talk about anything you want. Did we miss any stories that you saw? Anyone seen the new EY logo yet? Apparently, the new tag is "building a better working world." Do you […]

Don’t Be Skerd! Here’s Your Open Items Thread

Welcome back to Open Items, our weekly thread where you can talk about anything you want.  Did we miss any stories you wanted to see this week? What do we need to look out for next week? How 'bout that Paula Deen, huh? Or North West? Your baby's name isn't even that bad. Anyone else […]

Welcome to Open Items, Let’s Discuss Anything You Want

Okay, it's Friday afternoon and lots of you have checked out for the week. Hopefully this bit of news will help you across the finish line. Lots of you have screamed for forums on this site and you can rest assured, we're having discussions about exactly how to do that. In the meantime, we thought […]