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OCI: Can You Help Close Out These Open Items?

You may be thinking "ugh, I'm not down with OPP (other people's problems)" and of course ain't nobody got time for that but hey, it's a nice thing to do. So do it.

Here are a few outstanding items from Open Items if you're feeling particularly charitable with your wisdom today:

  • Someone in tax at a Big 4 in NYC wants to know which exit would be better — hedge funds or private equity?
  • We all know accounting firms are trying real hard to make their name in consulting, so why do they struggle? As one commenter noted: "This is like asking why GT and McGladrey struggle to get F500 audits."
  • It's that time of year again, when desperate, exhausted public accounting grunts start thinking of life after busy season. This one is considering the leap to government work.
  • This troll wants to help out PwC and finish Strategy& with a good and. We know you can do it, GC faithful.
  • I readily admit I am all about the nap. I might go take a nap after I post this, actually (sorry, guys). A nap-friendly accounting firm? Yeah, not gonna happen.
  • In news you can use, you can use GoToMeeting free in Chrome if your meeting involves no more than 3 people. Cool!
  • Is there a such thing as a public accounting blacklist?

Remember, you too can post whatever you like in Open Items (you know, as long as it falls within our generous community guidelines). So if you have a question for your fellow capital market servants, need to bitch, or have a pithy observation to make, have at it! Or just go over to laugh and point, whatever.