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Let’s Talk Open Items!

In case you didn't get the memo, your Friday Open Items thread has moved from the front page to — wait for it — Open Items. This week's thread is right here.

If anyone is up earlier than me and would care to kick things off on Friday mornings, nothing is stopping you, otherwise I will continue to start a new Friday open thread every Friday (see how that works? It's not rocket science).

Anyway, while we're talking about Open Items, here are some you may have missed this week:

  • Risk Assurance/Internal Audit Someone starting in Big 4 risk assurance after graduation this summer wants to know what to expect.
  • Transferring your offer a tax intern with an offer is more interested in TS-Val/Financial DD or Capital Markets/Accounting Advisory and wants to know if it would be safe to ask for a transfer at this point.
  • How to ask for offer deadline extension? A future intern wants to know if it's safe to ask for an extension on an offer so he can shop himself around to 2 other firms first.
  • Transaction Advisory Services This person has an excellent user name, so please school them on what life in TAS looks like day to day.
  • Why won't anyone hire me? This one is a bit long but the short of it is person had an offer ready upon graduation (Masters) but due to family issues, had to leave the country and upon return, can't get hired. HELP!

If you can help any of the above wandering souls, please do so. Remember you only have to register for Open Items if you have your own item to post, not to comment.

It's been a couple weeks since we launched Open Items and so far, it looks like you guys are using it exactly as we hoped you would. Like we told you when we sprung it on ya, it isn't a forum but hey, close enough.

Happy Friday and carry on.