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Friday Open Items is Now Closed for Business

Welcome to this, the very last Friday Open Items post you will probably ever see on the front page again. Why? Because we launched something even BETTER on this week and therefore we don't need to dedicate a single post to letting you all have a free for all in the comment section.

To prove it, I'm closing comments on this post. Not because I am a fascist dictator trying to suppress your right to free speech but because Open Items is only as good as the stuff YOU the readers post and you should really be posting over there.

So here's what I'm going to do — we'll still have a Friday grab bag where you can bitch and moan as much as you like, however this post will now appear on Open Items. Simple enough, right?

Your Friday Open Items thread is now located here. While you're over there, we hope you'll register for an account (don't worry, it doesn't hurt) and consider posting a question of your own because that's why it's there. If not, I'm going to be forced to clutter it up with comments about the quirky thing my cat just did.

If you still have questions about how this works, drop us a line and we'll walk you through it.