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Friday Open Items Is Open For Business

How on Earth is it Friday again? Who cares, it is!

I'm sorry I missed you all yesterday, my face had an unfortunate date with pavement the night before and let's just say I look like my boyfriend at the Fed finally had it with my constant berating of his employer. I can't even say "you should see the other guy!" because the "other guy" was a patch of ice and a curb. I figure this is exactly what I deserve for constantly posting YouTube videos of guys falling and laughing my ass off at them. Hey, for all I know "Girl Eats Pavement" is already floating around YouTube.

Enough of me and my busted up money maker, how are you doing? How was your week?

You all know what to do but for anyone who may be new around here, Open Items is your place to leave your worries, air your grievances, and generally screw off (within reason) on just about any topic you can think of — at least within the context of this website.

Have fun and I'll be over here eating Advil and rotating the bag of frozen peas over my eye.