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October 1, 2023

Accounting Firms

Pass Up PwC If Receive Full-time Offer From Deloitte?

Hello everyone at the GC Community,  I recently recevied an offer to intern at Deloitte in Summer 2015 Audit. I am very excited but I was not expecting it. My GPA literally met the minimum requirement. I did not do any networking prior to applying/interviewing/getting the offer. I dropped off my resume at a career […]

Using the work of internal auditors

Time to open the floodgates on this long-festering issue. We all know that audit partners often quote a low price on an engagement by planning to rely heavily on the work of internal auditors. If the risks are low and the internal auditors are competent (and many of them are), there's nothing wrong with this practice–in theory. But […]

Big 4 Denver

What is the Denver market like? any significant differences in the Big 4 offices there?

LA Big 4 Tax?? (Picking between 2 firms)

Anyone here care to shed some light on the different LA firms, specifically Deloitte and PwC for Tax or possibly Transfer Pricing?  When I interviewed at both firms, they culturally seemed very similar, but Deloitte really "wined and dined" me. One of the two really urged me to pursue Transfer Pricing given my background. Any […]

Big 4 Client Drug Tests

So I have a co-worker who has a son who is interviewing with Big 4 now. He heard a rumor that audit side people are subject to drug tests when they visit client sites. True? Thank you in advance. JessterCPA

Is the leverage model in my office all screwed up?

I just took a look at the roster for my tax group at my Big 4 office. We have: 12 Partners/Directors 12 Managers/Senior Manager 14 Seniors 15 Staff Since prep/detailed review takes way more time than substantive review/shooting the shit with clients, is our staffing model all fucked up? It just seems weird that there […]

Life Sciences – The Big 4

Hello All – I am looking for information as to which of the Big 4 are stronger in the Life Sciences and/or Healthcare industries (biotech, phara, healthcare facilities, etc…). Any input is appreciated!

Scheduled Big 4 Interview with No Details

I currently have almost one year of experience in assurance at a public accounting firm. I thought I would try my hand at applying for a position at a Big 4 firm. A recruiter contacted me with a position I might have been interested in and wanted to speak with me about it. I responded and […]

Oracle & SAP Practices at Big 4

This site seems to be primarily for B4 Tax & Audit but hoping there are some Advisory consultants here that can answer my questions.  Appreciate any information you can give me. I am with Accenture and have done SAP & Oracle. I am considering making a move to B4 and am trying to do my research.  My […]

BKD and Wolf: Let’s Talk About Life After Merger

This is the perfect Monday morning question for the peanut gallery: I wanted to forward this to the Going Concern group: This may be an open items question, but I'm sitting on the acquired side. I'd be curious to hear from others who have been part of an acquired firm, and I'm wondering how long […]

Staff 1 at Big 4 – Financial services Assurance

I'm currently an assurance staff at a big four firm, with  mainly banking/capital markets clients and some asset management. I would really like to be more in the asset management realm, but it seems like I am stuck with the clients I've been assigned for my first year. Many of my peers have also confirmed […]

Partner compensation at the national/regional level

I always see figures and ranges thrown around for partner compensation at the Big 4. How does the competition stack up at the national and regional levels?

How Many Letters After Your Name Is Too Many?

Full disclosure:  I am a CPA and CGMA, and am considering the CITP. That being said, how many letters are too many?  How many of your certifications are you putting on your communications?  Does your firm have a policy on this?   I just got an email from a person, and this was his signature […]

EY Comp Watch ’14

Compensation sit downs with partners are taking place this week at EY. Had my call today 8/26 in the Northeast region.  Performance Based Bonus (PBB) payouts will be Aug 29th and promotion bonuses and annual compensation increases will be paid out Oct 1. 

Changing Industry Specialization as an Audit Senior

I was wondering what the chances were for an Audit Senior @ McG to change audit areas. For example, say you are a FInancial Institutions audit senior. Would the partners let you gradually work on more Government audits until you made a complete switch? And vice-versa (from Goverment to Financial Insitutions). What about non-SEC clients […]

Deloitte Criminal Background Section Missing?

I received an offer and application for an Audit Assistant position at Deloitte. I have noticed that there is no "Criminal Background" section on the application for a background check. I also noticed that since Deloitte in the US is headquartered in New York, they have a law with increased protection for individuals with criminal […]

Reasons for high turnover at Big 4

I read that there is 15-25% turnover rate at big 4 firms. Is the turnover so high because of: 1) the long hours and the demands on the accountants; or 2) do they just separate the good from the bad in the first year or two; or 3) many people jump ship for better pay […]

Firm Jumping; IT Audit; Relocation Assistance a Possibility?

Gist: -IT Auditor -Going to firm jump (B4 -> B4) -Senior Level -Job I am going for is available locally and in a city in whcih I previously lived Question: What is the feasability of getting some sort of relocation assistance if I go for the non-local city? By assistance, I don't mean a type […]

Background/Credit Checks for Accounting jobs

I recently applied for a position that requires a satisfactory credit check.  The position is to become a Staff Auditor with a regional accounting firm.  Unfortunately, when i was in my teens I got a cap one credit card that i maxd out and then charged off.  Also at that time I got a small […]

How are Performance Ratings given out?

Just wondering on how this rating system work. I know a few facts (from peers and managers): You are compared to your ranks/peers (associates will be compared to associates, seniors, with seniors)   There are always "below average" (4 at KPMG) and/or "low" (5) performance grades that are handed out. How about "1"s? Are those […]

Variable Compensation

Due to circumstances beyond my control (aka my wife), I will be moving to Asia in October. My question is, if variable comp is paid September 15th at my firm will I still be paid if I put my two weeks in September 1st?  Not sure if it matters but it is a big 4 […]

Women’s Initiatives

Hello – my firm is looking to start a women's initiative but not sure where to start. What have women's initiatives at your firms accomplished and/or what are their goals? Any tips or help are appreciated!!

Which of the Big 4 offers the most benefits?

I'm currently interning at PwC – I enjoy the work I'm doing but know that PwC is the only of the Big 4 firms without a have a traditional pension plan… All four firms provide a 25% 401k match on up to 6% of your pay (equaling a 1.5% match). In lieu of a pension […]

EY Ovation Award?

Looks like the SE region got $500 ovation awards.  It also looks like all of the NE region was supposed to get these as well (for a "good job" during last busy season).  I know a few coworkers that did not get this. Anyone know the deal? How are they deciding who deserves a good […]

Coached out: the controversy.

Based on where the thread was going at the other open item, I thought it would be good to ask: 1) Have you ever been coached out? Why? Did you ultimately quit or were you laid off? 2) Do you know someone who has been coached out?  Did they suck or did they piss someone […]

Big4 firms and Green Cards

Hi all, I recently started with the Green Dot (campus hire). I am not a US citizen and was looking into their Green Card policy. Their policy is to process EB-2 applications two years after one has been with the firm, given that said person has been promoted (aka is not at an entry level […]

Big 4, small office….

Hello there everyone, first time poster here, I am getting my MAcc currently and received an internship in Assurance Services with EY for this Summer. The office has around 70-80 associates I believe; pretty small when compared to offices in large cities like LA, NY, Chicago, etc. Of course I have read countless horror stories […]

’tis the Season (for *required* charitable donations)

Ed. note: we have another would be GC writer throwing their hat in the ring. Enjoy! 'tis the Season for required charitable donations of the Schmucks The only thing that irritates me more than having to wake up at 5:45 6:45 (let’s be honest) for work every morning is the influx of three-a-day charitable donation campaigns that have been […]

What’s it like to work in FIDS at EY?

The good, the bad, and the ugly, please. And please no links to EY propaganda videos–I know how to use Google.

Why do you hate your current accounting firm employer?

Please use this open item to vent as freely as you wish on those shitty days where nothing will matter anyway.  I already started mine over here and if i re-type it, i will be back in the rage again.   I ask that you please not add names of people, because I am a nice […]

Why do CPA firms struggle in the consulting business?

On the three-legged stool that is the CPA firm, tax and audit stand solid while consulting is perpetually wobbly. Firms seem to launch and shut down various consulting services as if by trial and error, never quite getting it right. Why? What do the McKinseys of the world have that the Big 4 don't? Is […]

Will it get better or better quit now?

(Yes, I was the junior before bitching about the clueless senior)   I feel like I'm doing a bad job, and every senior I'm assigned to hates me cause I botched something and since we work in 1 to 2 week forecasts per client, I can't go back to fix them. I need time to […]

Big 4 vs GT/McG

I am starting at GT in the fall and am in the process of studying for the CPA (passed AUD and BEC). I was wondering if anyone could give me a a comparison of the culture between a B4 firm and GT. They are both global firms, but what really differentiates the B4 from their […]

Have you raised prices? NSA Survey shows increase of 6%

According to a survey by the National Society of Accountants (NSA), the average cost for an itemized Form 1040 with Schedule A and a state tax return is expected to increase 6 percent from last year. The average customer can expect to pay anywhere from $208 to $303 depending on what state they live in. Some accountants […]

Qualifications of Big 4 Management

Is it mandatory for management at Big 4 firms to be personal-life hating, micromanaging, egomaniacal douche bags?  Curious if there is some sort of promotion criteria, specific firm standards on personality types hired, etc. that is used to be sure that the greater percentage of managers fit that description than don't? Could be because I […]

Why is McGladrey posting jobs that “prefer Big4 experience”?

Here's an example of what I mean:

How do I give notice at a Big 4 firm?

Far be it from me to work on a weekend, but it sounds like this guy, who emailed us and wants to go by IWantOut, is desperate for some guidance: How do I give notice at a Big 4 firm? I'm still on probation and I want out. I'm not in accounting, I'm in IT […]

How much do they expect us to know as juniors?

So here it goes, I'm fresh meat, license and diploma still hot off the press, and I just got hired in a big 4 audit firm. In my first real field work, I was left alone. I had a month to finish the loans cycle and God help me, I don't know what the heck […]

Differences in hours across firms?

I am curious to get a better idea of the actual hours work both in and out of busy season for different firms. I realize they all suck but I would be interested to know. Of course I know this will differ across regions.     I just want to see if there's any drastic […]

Best Forensic Accounting Firm

Which firm has the best forensic accounting group to work for? 

Small Market vs. Big Market Big 4

So I interned at a Big 4  in a larger city (~1000 people in office), then had my full time offer transferred to a smaller city (~200 people in office) for family reasons.   Anyone have any insight on the differences of working at a smaller Big 4 office?  

Big 4 in San Francisco.

Anyone have any experience with the market in San Francisco area? I am currently in the east coast and have been concidering moving to San Francisco where I have some family. Anyone know first hand what the market is like for accounting firms there? Here in the East Coast, Big 4 have been in a […]

How Do You Do Your OT?

We're in tax season, and it is interesting to see how different firms handle OT. 1) Some firms mandate a minimum number of hours each Saturday, and tell the staff they have discretion on when they get the rest in. 2) Some firms mandate a minimum number of hours each Saturday, and mandate a minimum number of […]

Best US Accounting Firm to work for…

Keen to get any insight into the best US Accounting Firm to work any supporting reasons? All i hear is bad things on GC, spread a bit of positive love…

Where do you *wish* you would have applied for a job?

Let's say that you turn back time and you're a recent graduate looking for your first job.  If you could do things over again, what path would you take?  Is there a particular firm that you think you'd be happier working for?