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Transfer from tax to financial advisory

Good evening all,

I started out as tax in Big4 right afte MAcc several months ago. Being in tax has been a little different from what I expected, and I strongly feel that I would be a better fit in financial advisory.

I've only seen a few cases where people switched from tax to advisory, so I was hoping to get some advices on how should I make the move. I'm hoping to stay in my current firm if possible.

Here are the specific question:

1. The firm policy says that I can initiate a transfer request after one year. Is it possible that I can start out as a new hire in advisory through this program? Would I have to go through interviews since the transfer is to another LLP?

2. Should I wait one year to bring this up to my counselor or can I do so earlier?

3. Does the transfer usually work as long as you maintain high ratings? I heard it might be difficult if the practice/office you are looking for does not have a need. The position I'm looking for is in LA.

4. Any practical advice on how should I approach this issue would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time!