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Accepted FT offer, but want to interview for another position

Hey everyone,

I am currently entering my last year of undergrad. I was an intern in ITRA within the Advisory service line with a Big 4 firm in the summer of 2015. I accepted a FT offer after my internship, but deferred my start date until Summer/Fall 2017 because I decided not to graduate early due to pursuing a minor as well as studying abroad. It is now one year later, and the idea of starting my career as an IT auditor does not sound appealing at all anymore. However, I do have an interest in the firm and in another role within the Advisory service line that is much more consulting-oriented but also, of course, more competitive to obtain. My question is, how do I express this to the recruiters? I would not mind if they rescinded my offer and let me go through the FT interview process for the position I want. But, would this even be possible considering I already signed the offer letter?