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Negotiating Salary with one Big 4 to Another

I am currently in the interview process at a BIG 4 firm (4th rank, you already know) for an internal position doing IT Technical Support, something I want to go back and pursue. I already have 3 years of experience from college and I loved it. The position is stable with 40-45 hours/week, no client work as it is internal and will provide various learning opportunities for me. I was referred by one of my friends who already works there. I am currently working at a BIG 4 firm and am a first year Technology Consultant (3rd year at the firm) doing more functional SDLC boring stuff. I don't like it and am not being challenged enough after raising this concern multiple times. I was recruited out of college. At the newer firm, I have had two phone interviews, and an in person one with my would be my manager and a Senior Associate I would be working every day with. The new position would be at the Senior Associate level so I would be making a lateral move. When I had the first interview with the recruiter he asked what pay I would like and I said "I would like for you to at LEAST match what I am making now." His response was that it was on the higher end but  definitely DOABLE. After I proceeded with the rest of the interviews and did really well the recruiter called me back and said they would like to proceed with another phone interview with a Director but before that they can only offer me XXX amount. Needless to say it would be a $9,000 pay cut. I was confused as he said that they could match my pay before and it was doable. The recruiter flat out told me over the phone there is no room for negotiation and wanted me to think about whether I would like to proceed. I said yes, thinking that maybe there is a change to negotiate later and he was just calling a bluff. Is there a possibility I could negotiate this with others in the firm like the Director or is the recruiter in charge of this. Taking the 9K pay cut would force me to adjust my budget slightly but I value my happiness over being mesirable at my current position and I know I would enjoy this job. Is there a chance I could get them later to raise my offer even though I don't officially have an offer yet?  If so how do I go about doing this?