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Question about EY Advisory FSO

Hi all,

First time post here. I have a phone interview this week with a recruiter from EY about a Process and Control (P&C) Lead Senior position based in San Francisco. The position is within FSO. I have a bachelors in finance and have worked in accounting and financial analysis in the past (no CPA). I also spent a time at EY, but doing something completely different (Sustainability consulting, I have a a degree in this too). As I could not find too much info about it online, I decided to ask here.

My end goal is strategy consulting. I interviewed with MBB in the recent past (going to the final stages), but that did not play out. I could still try again in the near future with a bit more experience. I am considering the P&C position as I would be interested in switiching into PI down the road if possible (they are both within adivisory). At the moment I am doing a graduate internship at a prominent international organization (think World bank, IFC, World Economic Forum, IDB, IMF). I might stay here, but it is uncertain at the moment.

Now the questions about Process and Controls (Advisory FSO):

1.What is the day-to-day like? The culture? hours? I have read some pretty negative things about the nature of the work (internal audit and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 procedures).

2. What would be the salary range and salary progression in this position at this location? I have a non-MBA graduate degree and 4 years of work experience.

3. What are the chances of me working at P&C and then switching into Performance Improvement or other practice areas? Is it worthy to takew this road? How long would I have to stay in P&C as a minimum?

4. What is the difference between Advisory P&C and say Assurance Audit? They seem very close in terms of functions, but they are in different practices.

5. Are there any travelling or international opportunities within P&C? 

6. What kind of exit opportunities does a P&C position provides?

7. What are the recruiting process and interviews like? Number of rounds?

Sorry for the long post, but I really need some answers. Any other suggestions/recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance for all your helpful insights!