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Programming Note: A Word About Comments

This is why we can't have nice things.

Due to certain comments which we don't want to out at the moment, we're forced to implement registration in the comment section for the foreseeable future. I'm sure you share our disappointment, because one of the strengths of GC has always been our completely anonymous comment section.

Well, because some people aren't taking our earlier post on talk about a KPMG Rothstein Kass merger too well, we're now requiring that in order to comment, you need to provide a real, verified email and not or other such nonsense. And yes, this is going to apply across every post, not just the Rothstein/KPMG one. You can thank the overzealous trolls for that.

Guests of GC who we appreciate, so sorry you all got caught up in this too but we have no recourse outside of shutting down the comment section completely and no one wants that. As much as we'd like to let trolls hang themselves with a few inches of rope, we just can't let the comment section fall apart like this as it's a really unfortunate reflection on the profession.

If you are already registered with Disqus, no worries, you can comment away. If you aren't, when you try to comment, you'll set up an account with a password. is not a valid domain, nor is mailinator nor yousuck nor any version thereof, and any comments made from those types of domains will be sent to the Internet abyss.

Everyone, please thank the trolls for ruining this lovely little community of ours, at least for the time being.