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Gone Fishing

I’ve been working in the UK for the past week which explains the extra typos since I’ve been in a jet-lagged, cider-infused haze since I arrived. While in Londdon, I happened across this street performer who, oddly, had the KPMG logo on his costume. As you may know, these guys and gals aren’t much for conversation so I couldn’t get the story behind it but he offered this pose for £2. With any luck, he’s an auditor in the London office but I doubt my luck is that good.

ANYWAY, after two years of being chained to my desk and staring at my laptop, I’m taking a few days off (seven to be precise) starting Monday. I know, I know. Unacceptable. But after some arm twisting, TPTB figure that some vacation would give me a chance to relax and it offers them some reprieve from my kvetching about EVERYTHING. Plus when the country defaults on Tuesday I thought it might be safer to be in a Paris bistro while the rest of you fight over scraps in the streets.

While I’m trying to navigate various European cities, you’ll be left in the very capable tattooed hands of Adrienne. She’s been given strict instructions to simply keep her hands on the wheel but I imagine she’ll be relishing in the opportunity to not have her six extra “fucks” cut from her posts.

I don’t have to remind you that she commands respect and I won’t be here to protect you if she gets aggravated, so kindly email her with your tips, gossip and story ideas while I’m away. DWB will also be pitching in a little extra and we’re very excited to bring Joe Kristan back as well.

So thanks for your support and if I happen to not return, you can assume I ran off with a French girl and will live the rest of my days reading anything but accounting news. Cheers.