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October 1, 2023


Accenture office NSW Australia

Layoff Watch ’23: Accenture is ‘Streamlining Operations’ But Don’t Worry, It’s Mostly Back Office Staff

It’s a rare day we write about Accenture but because the firms we do write about have begun tightening their belts and even cutting advisory people (KPMG, BDO), we thought it prudent to inform you of what appeared in the 10-Q the company filed yesterday. This is from Item 2. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of […]

Rejoice, Jerk-offs! Passive-Aggressive Downvoting Has Returned

So, I’ve been back here for almost three months (time flies when you’re flinging salt, I know) and the one complaint I keep hearing is about the comment section. More specifically, the inability to upvote the good and downvote the bad. I get it. Trust me, many a day was spent back in this website’s […]

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Programming Note: Moving The Furniture Around

Lots of announcements today, people. Do you mind? No, you don’t mind. We’re rolling out a newly designed Going Concern starting Monday so the site will be dark tomorrow and through the weekend while the tech savvy youths do their thing. This means no surprise weekend posts and no Open Items will be published. You’ll […]

Programming Note

Our editor will be taking time off from today until next Thursday, June 30th. During his absence there won't be any Accounting News Roundup posts or newsletters but you can expect to hear from our regular contributors including Bryce Sanders, Megan Lewczyk, Leona May and Greg Kyte will drop in, too. You can still send […]

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Get Through to Us

I'm attending the three-headed dragon of accounting conferences — The AICPA Practitioners Symposium-Tech+/AAM Summit/AAA National Practice Conference  — through Wednesday so posting may be sparse the first half of the week. Help us out by keeping yourselves entertained on Open Items and dropping us tips by hitting the button at the top of the page […]

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Programming Note: A Word About Comments

This is why we can't have nice things. Due to certain comments which we don't want to out at the moment, we're forced to implement registration in the comment section for the foreseeable future. I'm sure you share our disappointment, because one of the strengths of GC has always been our completely anonymous comment section. […]

A Brief Word on the Going Concern Freelancer Search

Alright, you guys know me so I'm not going to mince words here but let's just say the entries we've gotten thus far for the Going Concern freelancer spot have been, well, kinda sad. Dismal. Depressing. Pathetic, even. Do any of you actually read the site? Sure, there are a few gems (you'll be hearing […]

Going Concern Seeks a New Writer

We're testing the waters for a new freelancer to join the GC team. If you (or someone you know) has a deep understanding of audit, accounting, tax, advisory services or all of the above and don't mind being mocked by capital market servants, then we'd love to hear what you have to offer. If interested, […]