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Footnotes: Fed Crush Says What?; No Really, WhatsApp?; Mind the GAAP! | 02.24.14

Carl Icahn isn't feeling eBay right now [Bloomberg View]

My raging ladyboner for Dick Fisher is still raging so hard I should probably call my doctor because it's definitely been longer than four hours Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher said on Monday that he would like the U.S. central bank to continue to scale back its monthly bond-buying stimulus by $10 billion at each of its upcoming policy meetings. "That's certainly what I am in favor of," Fisher told Fox Business television when asked if he wanted to reduce the asset purchases by $10 billion at each meeting. [Reuters]

Why ya gotta be hating on Facebook over WhatsApp? Zucks says it's totes worth it, guys [WSJ]

A little change is good for all of us from time to time. For Hang Seng Bank, a little accounting change was better than good [Bloomberg]

Be patient with Solar City, folks, GAAP is hard [Barron's]

Now let's talk Austin's biggest accounting firms [Austin Business Journal]

Actually, everything is cool with Kevin Durant and his former accountant now. Alrighty then [ESPN]

BTW ICYMI, shit is getting real when it comes to KPMG and Rothstein Kass. Maybe we're onto something? [GC]

OH, and in Open Items: how much does a public accounting newbie really need to know and is there a such thing as a programmer accountant hybrid? [OI]