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A Little Help From My Friends

I took the day off on Friday to travel to parts unknown. Alright, maybe "unknown" is a stretch; I went into the mountains to avoid civilization and showering for a few days. It was great!

During my absence, Professor Paul Gillis and Leona May chipped in with excellent posts on polar opposite topics: Executive MBAs and Florida accountants behaving badly. in the last week we've also heard from Greg Kyte, Chris Hooper and we welcomed back Amber Setter this morning, too. These people write some of the web's best content on accounting. Yes, I exaggerate sometimes but in this case, I'm not! You can support (or troll, if you like) them by reading their stuff. It makes Going Concern better and it will allow me to continue taking infrequent trips in the wilderness.

Hopefully you have a crew who covers for you when you need to cut out for a long weekend, too. Everyone needs a little crazy adventure to keep themselves sane, especially in accounting.

Have a great week.