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Accounting News Roundup: Showtime for Tax Reform; ‘You’re an accountant, why don’t you know that?’; ‘House of Cards’ Wants More Tax Credits | 02.25.14

Rate Cut Promise Leads to Corporate Tradeoff in Tax Code Redo [Bloomberg]
Richard Rubin reports that Dave Camp's bill will be the litmus test for tax reform: "It’s going to force people, policy makers, to either say the Camp bill is fundamentally sound or potentially to back off this kind of framework,” said David Kamin, a law professor at New York University and former tax policy aide to President Barack Obama. “This is going to be seen as a manifestation of the general idea that conservatives have been talking about.”

For Same-Sex Marrieds, a Tax Season to Look Back [NYT]
Lots of couples are probably wondering whether or not they should amend to earn a refund. The answer(ish) is, it depends and you have to run the numbers to find out.

Credit Suisse Said to Be Faulted by Senate Over Tax Dodge [Bloomberg
A Senate report coming out today will reprimand CS for helping Americans with Swiss bank accounts for precisely the reasons people want Swiss bank accounts. An it sounds like there was a lot of fun cloak and dagger stuff: "The bank used a variety of other evasive techniques, including ferrying clients in a special elevator at Zurich airport and meeting them in off-site locations, one of the people said."

Member of Public Company Accounting Oversight Board to speak at Canisius March 4 [BN]
It's Jeanette Franzel, FYI.

You're an accountant, why don't you know that? [AWEBUK]
I think you can relate to “You’re an accountant, I’d have thought you would know.”

Most taxpayers support tax preparer competency standards [DMWT]
According to the 2013 Taxpayer Attitude Survey.

‘House of Cards’ threatens to leave if Maryland comes up short on tax credits [WaPo via Tax Update]
I think Francis Underwood would appreciate such a shrewd move.

7 Real-Life Comedy Pranks Inspired By Harold Ramis Movies [Gawker]
RIP, Egon.

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