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Going Concern March Madness 2012: This Town (i.e. Roseland, NJ) Isn’t Big Enough for Two Cool Firms

Last Friday, someone was hoping for a Rothstein Kass/J.H. Cohn Final in Going Concern March Madness for no other reason than to make things as awkward as possible in the elevator at 4 Becker Farm Road, Roseland, New Jersey:

I am hoping for a JH Cohn vs Rothstein Kass final as they share an office building together and are 1 floor apart.  The tension that would take place during the final matchup would be UNBEARABLE

Well! There must have been many voters who also wished for this match-up because that's exactly what we have to wrap up GCMM2012. Much like the real tournament, we're all pretty sick and tired of brackets, analysis, Jayhawks fans, and all the bickering, but we have to see this through to the end because this thing has taken on a life of its own.

For the firms involved, however, this no doubt a very serious matter that will require a team effort to pull off a victory. It could also mean some confrontations in and around their Roseland location, so if you are even slightly considering some firm on firm tomfoolery, let us be the first to encourage such activity. All right then, let's get to the vote, shall we?

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that the poll closes tonight at 11:59 pm. Get on this Chicago style.