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Ernst & Young Employees Think Jim Turley Is Doing a Bang-up Job

Ernst & Young global CEO Jim Turley will be retiring next summer and judging by the results of a Glassdoor ranking, that will be a very disappointing day, when JT steps down. According to the ranking, Jimbo has a 95% approval rating, good enough for second place, finishing behind Apple's Tim Cook. This was a 12% increase over last year's approval rating. And apparently this can be taken slightly seriously because it requires that 100 ratings from the company's employees. 

Personally, I don't know much about Glassdoor or what kind of employees hang out on there to get every last scrap of salary data they can find, but 95% approval seems really, really high. But when you compare Turley's results to the likes of Cook, Paul Jacobs of QUALCOMM, American Express' Ken Chenault, and Google's Larry Page, it makes you think that the ratings are somewhat accurate. According to our tipster, the results are taken seriously enough inside E&Y that the news was good enough for the front page of the firm's internal website. 

I suppose it's worth mentioning that PwC's Dennis Nally is 12th on the list. There. I mentioned it.

As for Turley, it's really hard to say why had such a leap in confidence from the troops that bothered to vote in this thing. Sure, Lehman-related litigation doesn't seem to have done much harm to the firm, but perhaps E&Y employees just want to send him off on a high note. Granted, there's always the possibility that some E&Y marketing wizards forwarded this around to 100 or so Black and Yellow loyalists who would definitely vote "strongly approve" and this whole ranking is juiced. Just saying, it's a possibility. 

Anyway, if you didn't have the time to vote for Jim in the Glassdoor rating, or if you more comfortable expressing feedback in words rather than a simple Thumbs up/Thumbs down, you can express your feelings on JT's efforts below.

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