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Accounting Student Whose Awkward Email Made the Rounds at Big 4 Firms Makes Fitting Retaliatory Video

Though it is never our intention, there have been a few times when news published on Going Concern has a life-shattering effect for some people. You know, like that weirdo who was filming coworkers in the bathroom stall next to him and young people stressing about retirement. Heck, even I suffer consequences from being associated with this website every single day.

But in the case of the awkward, if hopeful, young man who reached out to former Big 4 pro after an event to get advice on love in the Big 4, lemons certainly made lemonade. Maybe not a job offer but perhaps he should consider combing [shameless plug] GC Jobs and look for a firm that hasn't been forwarded his email yet.

If you missed the post on Friday and don't feel like clicking over, here's an abridged version:

We met at an event, I was the one with a zit that looked like a cold sore. Just wondering, is a relationship in Big 4 out of the question? I love bitches and bitches love money.


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Anyway, the email writer was undeterred by the impact this innocent — if awkward — email had on his career that hasn't even started yet. Someone just give this poor guy a job already, the email wasn't that bad. Certainly we've seen worse over the years.

Here's his video response to the person who made his email whip around the firms faster than pretzels disappearing at Deloitte University.