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Compensation Watch ’22: Mazars Opted to Give Employees a Mid-Year Raise Instead of Another Pizza Party

While our friends over at EY can’t get a sniff of a mid-year salary adjustment, another accounting firm decided to thank its employees with mo’ money instead of free pizza.

We got confirmation over the weekend that Mazars USA leadership recently announced mid-year pay bumps for employees. Our source was a little skimpy on the details, but someone on Fishbowl posted who at Mazars will get what:

ICYMI, here’s a list of accounting firms that have given employees mid-year salary adjustments in the past couple of months:

If we missed a firm that recently doled out mid-year salary adjustments, let us know by using the contact info below.

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4 thoughts on “Compensation Watch ’22: Mazars Opted to Give Employees a Mid-Year Raise Instead of Another Pizza Party

  1. Still doesn’t matter though. Mazars USA pay is shit and this still doesn’t bring them even close to market. On top of that, they are hemorrhaging staff left and right and partners and “leadership” aren’t willing to do anything about it.

  2. Can anyone confirm if this applies to recent hires as well? That would be lackluster if it didn’t. I hear Mazars is losing so many people too. Are they in shambles?

    1. I believe new employees that came in the summer or fall do not get the mid year raise… I recently left Mazars for so much more money, more pto, and better benefits and most are doing the same. They are trying to outsource work at a cheaper rate more and more these days and the quality of the audits and other service lines are going way down. It’s a shame

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