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Review Comments | 01.04.10

tim-geithner.jpgTurbotax Timmy? Dancing Helio? Let’s Pick the 2009 Taxpayer of the Year! – There’s also the guy that said hookers were medical expenses. [Tax Update Blog]
Tax Consequences of Extreme Philanthropy – Rick Warren’s reverse tithing sounds confusing. [TaxProf Blog]
Levin apologises for $164bn AOL deal – It was just arguably the worst merger ever, it’s not like it brought down the entire economy or anything. [FT]
CBIZ, Mayer Hoffman McCann buy South Florida firm – MHM functions as the audit arm of CBIZ and took the attest portion of Goldstein Lewin & Co. while CBIZ took the non-attest portion. [Kansas City Business Journal]
Open Letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission: Conflicting Disclosures by Reveal Improper Audit Opinion Shopping – Sam Antar points out the gory details behind the Thornton blamestorming. Guess whose pants are on fire? [White Collar Fraud]
H&R Block settles nationwide IRA lawsuit – Not such a good day for H&RB. [Reuters]