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Compensation Watch ’21: Is Plante Moran Rolling Out Salary Adjustments For the Masses? (UPDATE)

[Updated with additional comp information at the bottom of article originally posted on Nov. 22.]

The answer is YES according to a tip we received last week:

A few weeks ago Plante Moran announced to its employees that everyone is getting a January 1 market increase (separate from the normal market and merit increases that come on July 1 following the March 31 performance year). Increases are across the board, everyone at a particular level gets the exact same percentage.

Increases are same regardless of office or practice unit. Anecdotally the specific increases have begun to be announced. Depending on level they are 3-6%.

We don’t know how good or bad raises were at Plante Moran during compensation talks this past summer, and while a 3% to 6% pay bump doesn’t seem like a lot, throwing some extra money at employees will at least make them think twice about wanting to leave if they were planning to nope out of there.

[UPDATE] A principal at Plante Moran told us over Thanksgiving weekend that he or she received a 3% mid-year salary adjustment, after receiving a 5.9% raise on July 1. This person thinks all principals at Plante Moran received a 3% mid-year raise.

Usually when they do raises it’s pretty typical across the board for the same level/position.

Anyway, this news calls for a Plante Moran balloon drop: