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Compensation Watch ’21: BDO USA Is Dangling a Mid-Year Raises Carrot (NEW UPDATE)

[Update on Dec. 13.] At the beginning of December, we got a tip from a BDOer who told us, “Communications started today. Mid-year raises are being awarded to all supposedly but individuals are getting different percentages.” This was after we were told that BDO was giving its employees an extra $500 stipend for both December paychecks. But things had been quiet for the past week and a half or so about mid-year salary adjustments at the House of Berson.

However today we finally got word that someone at BDO has gotten a bump in their pay:

BDO Mid-year comp adjustment for a first-year senior. MCOL, $5k raise (72k to 77k).

So that’s a nearly 7% raise for this L4. How did everyone else do? Let us know what your mid-year raise was like by getting in touch with us using the contact info at the very bottom of this post.

[Updated on Nov. 30.] While we await BDO USA CEO Wayne Berson emptying the firm’s pockets, we did get this tip from one BDOer on Monday:

BDO is not only giving mid-year raises. They just announced an extra $500 stipend for both December pay checks and MLK Day off.

So is this a sign of good things to come for BDO employees, or is this a move by management to soften the blow of only giving out 3% raises? According to our tipster, we should know relatively soon:

[Mid-year raises] should be imminent. Was announced a week ago. Has to get approved office by office from national and needs to be communicated prior to the [holiday] break.

So figure end of this week, mid-next week.

We hope Santa Berson and his reindeer come through, even for all you naughty BDOers.

[Original post published on Nov. 22]

With top mid-tier firms like RSM US, CohnReznick, and Plante Moran doling out mid-year raises, we hadn’t heard if similar “we really should give our overworked employees more money so they don’t leave us” actions were being taken at Grant Thornton and BDO USA. Well someone from BDO answered the call:

BDO told us they are giving out mid-year salary adjustments effective Jan. 1 but we don’t know how much yet.

At least that’s … somewhat encouraging? Given that a lot of BDOers felt their salaries were still below market after receiving raises this past summer.

Someone from BDO recently posted on Fishbowl that “staff through experience manager automatically will be at least eligible to potentially get an increase and then for senior managers it depends on the office.”

So keep us updated once you know what you’re getting, guys and gals at BDO, by using the contact info below. And GTers, let us know what you’ve been told about possible mid-year raises.

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