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10 Things Accounting Professionals Should Be Thankful For This Year

Last year, we covered ten things for which the profession should be thankful ahead of Thanksgiving. Here are ten more because gosh darnit, we need to express gratitude every now and then in the middle of all the complaining that goes on here.

Scott London

Scott London isn't thankful for himself but let's be honest about it, he sure makes other auditors look like superstars. No matter how sub-par your work is, you will always be better than Scott London.

December 31*

They say whatever you do on New Years Day, you do for the rest of the year. For accountants, it's whatever you do on December 31st that makes your entire year. Getting hassled by the girlfriend to jump the broom? You've got allllll year to put it off and can still file as married filing jointly as long as you get it done by the end of the year!

*note: does not apply to auditors out on year-end inventory counts

Dual Monitors (still cool)

We included dual monitors last year and we're including them again because DUAL MONITORS, man. This guy from Moss Adams is a fan. Sadly, Moss Adams was not a fan of us posting this picture as they removed it from Facebook shortly after we posted it here. Gee, why would that be?


Yeah, it's really awkward but hugs are good. And good for you!

Free Stuff

Whether it's water bottles you'll never use at a conference or donuts in the break room, accountants loooooove free stuff. Even if you already have 100 pens, getting FREE PENS is like Christmas.

Best of lists

Even though we mock awful Yahoo articles about how great the accounting profession is on a regular basis, it feels kind of nice to be on top, don't it? You may not love your job but you have to admit you get the feels a little to know you come up higher on "best jobs" lists than grave diggers and transit employees. WOO!!


Maybe Big 4 HR and marketing departments are to blame for this but there is something wonderful about being able to brag about how much better your firm is than other firms even though all firms are — let's be real about it — pretty much exactly the same. This attitude is drilled into your heads while you're still in college and follows you throughout your career until you're old enough not to care, at which point you're busy competing with your neighbors for best lawn and hottest wife. Hey, whatever makes you feel better…

Lack of major audit failures

You guys! The profession made it through another year without losing a major firm, and that's worth celebrating. Even though EY absorbed KPMG in Denmark, there are still four Big 4 firms. What would happen if we lost one of them? Not gonna happen.

Jim Turley

Jim Turley may have moved on from the Big 4 life but he and his square jaw are still going strong. There is only one Jim Turley and that's another thing to be thankful for, as the world just can't handle more than that at any given time.

The fact that you didn't go to law school

I don't need to explain this.