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PwC Once Again Tops the Vault Accounting 25, EY Almost Didn’t Make the List

Vault has announced its much-loved Accounting 25 list today and it should come as no surprise that PwC has once again topped the list, making it 11 years in a row at the top for P. Dubs. Congrats to them for holding down the throne. While prestige is the most important factor in the Vault […]

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Fourteen People Who Inspired Future Tax Criminals in 2022

The IRS Criminal Investigation unit has released its top cases for 2022 and in it we get reality TV personalities, a rogue tax preparer, some garden variety PPP fraud, and even a former decathlete with his own Wikipedia page. Pretty sure some of these people showed up in Accountants Behaving Badly, an irregular feature we […]

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Deloitte and PwC Top This Indeed List of Companies Hiring Tech Workers

The tech sector continues to lay off talent in droves (don’t worry, it doesn’t affect you) and Indeed has helpfully put together a list of companies looking for tech talent to assist the newly laid off in finding a new gig. At the top of this list with the most jobs? Deloitte and PwC. Interestingly, […]

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Listicle of the Day: The Accounting Firms on Fortune’s 25 Best Large Workplaces in Consulting and Professional Services

Yikes that headline was a mouthful, sorry about that. Anyway, Fortune has released its 25 Best Large Workplaces in Consulting and Professional Services list and you might be surprised to learn that only one Big 4 firm cleared the top ten. Actually you might not be surprised by that at all once you learn the […]

Only One Big 4 Firm Made This Top 100 Internship Programs of 2022 List, You’ll Never Guess Who

DEI and Early Talent Recruitment platform provider Yello has released its sixth annual Top 100 Internship Programs List to highlight “companies across all industries who have gone above and beyond for their interns.” This year’s winner is Boeing with the remaining 99 on the list unranked. Companies nominate themselves for consideration and the anonymized judging […]

Listicle of the Day: INSIDE Public Accounting’s Top 500 Firms For 2022

If there’s anything we love here at Going Concern it is an accounting firm dick-measuring contest. Or a “pissing match” should you prefer a milder phrase. Whatever you call it, we love when firms are pitted against one another based on impartial metrics like revenue. INSIDE Public Accounting has blessed us with a fresh Top […]

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Tim Gearty Makes a List, Talks About 2024 CPA Exam Changes

Tim Gearty has taken the #3 spot on the NJBIZ 2022 Accounting Power 50. From NJBIZ: Not many CPAs get stopped by fans for selfies, but Timothy Gearty is one of them. As editor-in-chief and national lead instructor for Becker, a global CPA exam-prep leader, Gearty — who’s also the managing partner of Florham Park’s […]

The Latest U.S. News Best Graduate Accounting Schools Ranking Will Take Your Mind Off of Coronavirus For a Minute

The 2021 U.S. News & World Report ranking of the best graduate accounting programs in the nation is out, and just in the nick of time to give you guys a diversion from being micromanaged while working at home or wondering if the partner who has a dry cough and didn’t cover his mouth just […]

Here Are the Best Graduate Accounting Programs as Ranked By U.S. News & World Report

During our editorial meeting on Monday, Adrienne jokingly told me that, because I reported on the top accounting school rankings from and College Factual recently, I’ll now have to write articles on rankings any schmuck puts out. She’s probably right about that. Well, this week’s schmuck is U.S. News & World Report. The publication […]

A List of Prominent Accounting Incompetence

In this age of pervasive unavoidable media, everyone has a platform, a handle, a persona, a BRAND. Or at least they want to. The reality is that no one gives a shit about your brand or your proprietary hashtag that is 50 million light-years away from trending. It’s bleak to think about, but the truth […]

Here Is Another Top 50 Accounting Schools In 2019 List for You Guys to Debate

Earlier this month we posted a list of the top 50 accounting schools in 2019 from online education platform, and based on the comments we received, I think many of you guys thought’s rankings sucked. There were a lot of schools traditionally known for their top-notch accounting programs that were omitted, like Bentley […]

Where Did Your Alma Mater Rank In This List of the Top 50 Accounting Schools In 2019?

Now, before you break out that Jimmer Fredette BYU basketball jersey from 2011 or start tomahawk chopping in front of your co-workers, keep in mind this isn’t U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of the schools with the best undergraduate accounting programs. This ranking of the top 50 accounting programs in the U.S. is from […]

According to Some List, Big 4 CEOs Are Among the Best ‘Brand Guardians’ in the World

It’s listicle time, you guys. This one comes from an outfit called Brand Finance, which calls itself “the world’s leading independent branded business valuation and strategy consultancy.” At today’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Brand Finance released its Global 500 report, which ranked the world’s 500 most valuable brands. The report also ranked the […]

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A CPA’s Incomplete 2018 Busy Season Prep To-Do List

Cut holiday vacation short to read the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Implement “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” charge code. Cram 40 hours of CPE into 4 days. Stare at children to remember their faces. Document rationale for becoming a corporation. Refill Zoloft prescription. Write farewell emails to non-profit clients. Stock up on bubble wrap. […]

The 20 Most Overrated Things in Accounting

You may have noticed several lists floating around your corner of the Internets these days; 33 Top People Under 33, 1000 Most Influential People in Expat Tax, 15 Failed CPA Exam Candidates Who Will Change the World. You get it. Well as great as those lists are for stroking egos and producing blurbs for self-congratulatory […]

Starry-Eyed Graduates in the UK Choose PwC As Britain’s Most Prestigious Employer

Another day, another ranking. Today's list comes courtesy The Times. For the sixteenth time, the Times has whipped up a list of the Top 100 Graduate Employers. By asking 18,336 graduates who left UK university in 2014"Which employer do you think offers the best opportunities for graduates?" the paper has awarded PwC with the top […]

According to This, Grant Thornton Is Finally Better Than PwC and Deloitte at Something

And no, it isn't performing crappy audits. The 2014 NAFE Top 50 Companies for Executive Women list is out and while EY and KPMG both made the list along with GT, you won't find PwC nor Deloitte ANYWHERE. Maybe someone should check 1955 and see if they're in the kitchen making us a nice pie. […]

Please Join Us in Congratulating Ourselves For Ending Up on This Economia Top 50 Most Influential List

Surely this is one of the signs of the apocalypse. Here's how Economia figured out who should be on the list, which would explain why not a single one of my cats got there (not even the highly influential Cash Money, who should be on this list for his name alone because HELLO, finance): We […]

10 Things Accounting Professionals Should Be Thankful For This Year

Last year, we covered ten things for which the profession should be thankful ahead of Thanksgiving. Here are ten more because gosh darnit, we need to express gratitude every now and then in the middle of all the complaining that goes on here. Scott London Scott London isn't thankful for himself but let's be honest […]

Ernst & Young Olympian Named to Elite Group

As you may or may not know, Gwen Jorgensen is a tax accountant in Ernst & Young's Milwaukee office. She also happens to be an Olympic triathlete and will be competing at this year's Games in London. On the way to these accomplishments she obtained her CPA (scores not immediately available), and she was a Big […]

Tax-Shaming Has Become Quite the Popular Thing

So you're an egregious tax delinquent. You're not necessarily proud of that fact but you know, these things happen and your intention is to make things right…just after you rob a bank or something. Well perhaps you should come up with that plan fast, lest you end up a victim of the latest craze in […]

Do CPAs Really Love Their Jobs?

A friend of GC pointed us to the image below from (link to entire thing below) that shows the latest “Best Jobs in America”. This particular version ranks CPAs as having the 6th best job in all the land.

The methodology broke down like this:

Top 260 – Jobs that have been projected to grow 10% in the decade and require a Bachelor’s degree; Median pay below $65k for experienced workers was excluded as were jobs that had less than 10,000 positions nationwide.

Top 100 – Eliminated jobs that did poorly (based on growth in online wanted ads) during the recession and grouped jobs with similar responsibilities.

Top 50 – 35,000-ish workers were surveyed to “rat their jobs on quality of life factors such as flexibility, stress, and personal satisfaction.” They were then ranked by “current employment, long-term growth, pay, and security; projected openings; and quality of life factors.”

Top 10 – “Interviewed industry experts and people in each profession.” Rankings were made based on those interviews.

Our source has some questions for the group, “Why are CPAs always ranked so high? Job security? Pay if you stay in long enough?”

Important questions. It simply could be that the people that put these “Best Jobs Lists” interview the Exuberant Accountant every time. You can’t get that many consistent liars in these surveys can you? Or, maybe, just maybe, lots of CPAs really, honest-to-God — gasp — love their jobs. It’s not that we don’t believe that it’s possible but it’s difficult when you hear constant belly-aching.

So if you’re loving your life as a super hero CPA and you’ve got reasons you feel like sharing with the group, please do so. Or if you’re confused like us and have some wild-ass guesses that will be fine too.

Best Jobs in America [Focus]
Three Signs That It Might Be Time to Get Out of Public Accounting

The Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For: Plante & Moran #66

Contrary to what you’re probably thinking, Plante & Moran is no dark horse. They’ve been on the list for five twelve straight years and rank ahead of the rest of three of the Big 4 in this year’s list (cue for “who the hell is Plante & Moran?”). They’ve fallen from their peak of 12th back in 2006 but we’re sure the firm can explain.

Plante & Moran – Previously ranked #42. Fortune took the unorthodox approach of using P&M’s layoffs to describe their greatness: “Audit firm laid off employees, but staff members commend the “team pain” approach: enhanced severance pay, outplacement services, pay cuts for partners, and deferred pay hikes for staff.”

Other interesting stats per the snapshot:
New Jobs (1 year): 10
% Job Growth (1 year): 1%
% Voluntary Turnover: 7%
No. of Job Openings at 1/13/2010: 17
Most common salaried job: Audit staff with average salary of $65,500

The firm offers onsite child care during busy season but does not have a nondiscrimination policy that includes sexual orientation nor does it offer domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples.

We’re not saying the latter two reasons are why they fell from #12 but it might help them jump back into the top 50.

Ernst & Young #44