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Footnotes: Joe Echevarria Retiring; The Too Smart Staff Person; Email Is the Best | 08.15.14

Deloitte CEO Joe Echevarria to Retire to Pursue Life in Public Service Mr. Echevarria has been at Deloitte for 34 years and has served as CEO since 2011. In a statement issued by the firm, he said he has "determined that this is the right time in my life to pursue my passion for public service." [WSJ]

In honor of Joe's retirement, let us not forget that he has been a trendsetter for some time. [GC]

Staff Person Was Too Smart for Practical Issues [AT]

How Obamacare could make filing taxes a nightmare [Vox]

PwC inundated by job applications [economia]

Can Obama take the juice out of corporate inversions? [TaxVox

Email Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet [Atlantic]

A Poignant Look at Life in America’s Trailer Parks [Gizmodo]

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