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Accounting News Roundup: Every Firm Could Use a Pit Bull; Carried Interest’s Beneficial Tax Treatment Lives On; A Ballsy Move | 12.02.13

Capital Buzz: An accountant with a pit bull on staff [WaPo]
Yes, Stephanie Gibney, owner of Accounting 4 DC, has a pit bull named Nino as her official receptionist, but it sounds like Gibney has a little bit of pit bull in herself: "[Q:] What do you hate to see the most from your clients when they ask you to do their taxes? [A:] Receipts in shoe boxes. We are open year round, so why would you save these for the last minute?" 

SEC drops disclosure of corporate political spending from its priority list [WaPo]
This sounds about right: "
Last year around this time, when the SEC released its 2013 to-do list, it signaled that it might consider formally proposing a rule to require the spending disclosures. But the item slipped off the 2014 agenda released this past week without any formal explanation."

Convicted heroin dealer told to pay 80,000 euros in tax on drugs business [Telegraph]
He even after French fiscal authorities deducted "
2,000 euros per year of 'travel expenses' for use of his car to carry the drugs, as well as a daily amount of heroine he 'personally' used." And here in the U.S., as Robert Wood pointed out, marijuana dispensaries can't deduct rent (or anything else aside from cost of goods sold).

Since ’12 election, drive to end tax loophole fizzled out [BG]
Benefactors of carried interest being treated like capital gains know how this game is played: "Since 2000, private equity, hedge fund, and venture capital managers have spent a combined $352 million on federal elections, fairly evenly split between the parties, 53 percent for Republicans and 47 percent for Democrats, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Meet Amazon Prime Air, A Delivery-By-Aerial-Drone Project [Forbes] 
It's as creepy as it sounds.

This Man's Nuts: Plan To Sell Testicle For New Car Is Taxable [Forbes]
A Nissan 370Z. A Nissan.

Swedish prisoner escapes to visit dentist [The Local]
The 51-year-old man had an inflamed tooth removed and then he reported himself to police. His one month sentence was extended by a single day. 

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