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Friday Footnotes: Chief Accounting Officer Gets Hosed; Getting Desperate For Managers; Fake It Til You Make It | 12.19.14

Prostitute beats off taxman in Oslo court This is marginally SFW depending where you W [The Local]

US regulators close small Minnesota bank Is Bank Fail Friday a thing again? [AP]

Did Property Mogul ‘Scapegoat’ Chief Accounting Officer? [CFO]

Making manager: The key to accelerating a career in public accounting ICYMI: "Young accountants, even those who may have been star students in college, will have a lot to learn and must take plenty of constructive criticism to heart. They also must spend many long hours preparing for the CPA exam. Young public accountants are on the receiving end of a never-ending stream of assignments, especially during the rigors of busy season. But Kober has good news for CPAs who stick with it: All that hard work pays off. “Once you get that promotion to manager, you see so many doors open,” she said. If you get promoted to manager, suddenly the prospect of becoming a partner is very real. And even if a CPA opts out of public accounting, the management experience gained in public accounting can help his or her career advancement prospects in business and industry." [JofA]

Is bypassing the CPA exam a waste of an accounting major? Oh, Reddit [Reddit]

LOL I have no idea [Twitter]


This Guy Helped Grow Salesforce's Revenues 160x — Here's Why He's Leaving [Business Insider]

Analyst: Instagram now worth 35 times what Facebook paid for it Well, sorta [UPI]

This read is worth your time [Twitter]


Mayonnaise disruptor Hampton Creek raises $90 million I was not aware "mayonnaise disruption" was a thing [SF Gate]

U.S. Declares Bank and Auto Bailouts Over, and Profitable Wow, great, we should totes do that more often! [NYT]

Here is a weird Japanese game show on which you get punched in the balls It's a strange metaphor for life in public accounting, if you really think about it [YouTube]