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Vault 2020 Firm Rankings: Forensic Accounting FTW

Happy Monday, gang. Today, we’re going to take a look at Vault’s 2020 ranking of the “Best Accounting Firms for Forensic Accounting.” We wanted to give some love to these number-crunching crime fighters who helped take down Paul Manafort and bust idiot celebrities who illegally tried to get their wannabe-celebrity children admitted into elite universities where they didn’t belong.

In its annual accounting survey, Vault asked 8,200 accountants to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 the top accounting firms in terms of how strong their forensic accounting practice is. Respondents were not allowed to rate their own firm and were asked to rate only those firms with which they were familiar. Vault averaged the scores for each firm and ranked them in order.

While Vault has ranked the top 50 accounting firms every year since 2011, it has only provided rankings for the best firms for forensic accounting since 2015. And the No. 1 firm for forensic accounting each year since those rankings began was PwC. And that didn’t change for 2020.

If you want to see the full ranking of the top 25 firms for forensic accounting, you can click here. As we’ve done with our articles on the Vault 2020 “quality of life” firm rankings, we’re going to list the top five firms for forensic accounting and throw in some honorable mentions.

And here they are (previous year rankings in parenthesis):

1. PwC (1)
2. Deloitte (2)
3. EY (3)
4. KPMG (4)
5. Grant Thornton (5)
6. BDO USA (6)
7. RSM USA (7)
9. Crowe (8)
15. CliftonLarsonAllen (14)
17. CBIZ MHM (15)

Not surprisingly, the Big 4 has occupied the top four spots in Vault’s best firms for forensic accounting rankings every year since 2015, with Grant Thornton in fifth each year too.

Any other firms deserve to be in the top 25 that aren’t? Let us know in the comments.

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