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Weaver Has Snazzy New Digs in Houston

The Houston Chronicle has published some shots of Weaver’s new office in Houston, 66,000 square feet at 4400 Post Oak Parkway. Honestly? It’s not terrible.

Imagine all the culture that will happen on that uncomfortable seating area with no back
Look at all those happy people collaborating!
ngl that kitchen is pretty sweet

CEO and Managing Partner John Mackel told the Chronicle it was good timing that their lease came up in the middle of the pandemic. “We had a little bit more leverage to do certain things,” he said.

80 percent of Weaver’s people are in the office three days a week and two days remotely, 10 percent are in the office full-time and 10 percent are fully remote. A tour of the new office wouldn’t be complete without the usual spiel about collaboration and culture.

“It helps to build and maintain our culture to have people coming in, not just everyone virtual all the time,” said Steve Schwarzbach, partner, Energy Compliance Services and Houston executive partner at Weaver. “People coming in and interacting…helps to build unity, culture, interaction and development of staff.”

Oh and before anyone asks, yes they have ping pong.

The last time we wrote about Weaver was April 2020 when they laid off 60-70 employees across multiple service lines and offices as a Covid cashflow reduction measure.

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