October 4, 2022

Forget GoT, This Upcoming Webcast Is the Hottest Streaming Event of the Year (for CPA Exam Candidates Anyway)

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Inb4 someone starts screeching about clickbait and how we sold out because we used to be cool but now we’re shilling for webcasts, shut the fuck up. No one paid for us to mention this, rather we’re posting about it just in case you’ve missed the numerous tweets and announcements and other shilling already done to promote it. Plus TPTB force me to write about the CPA exam at least once a week and this is all I’ve got, barring any public displays of hostility toward NASBA.

OK so here’s the deal. Mark your calendars for this Thursday, May 2. This worldwide event will cover CPA exam strategies, frequently asked questions, and a Q&A session with staff from the AICPA and NASBA.

Since we’re typical xenophobic Americans, we humbly suggest you attend the U.S. candidate webinar if you’re anywhere on this hemisphere, which starts at 1:30 pm EDT, but you can sign up for any of them regardless of location. According to the official event page on NASBA’s website, candidates (or interested third parties such as professors or, say, drunken accounting tabloid writers) can attend any of the webcasts that fit your schedule, but each of the webinars will cater to candidates from different parts of the world. So hey, good news for all the weebs out there, there’s even a Japanese cast for y’all.

The webinar schedule is as follows:

  • Japan CPA Exam Candidate Webcast (7:00 pm JST)
  • Other International CPA Exam Candidate Webcast (1:00 pm GMT)
  • U.S. CPA Exam Candidate Webcast (1:30 pm EDT)

HEY. So seriously, if you have the time, or even if you don’t, I would suggest carving out a chunk of your Thursday to attend this if you are currently studying for the exam, graduating soon, or hell, even if you are an accounting major who is a bit of a way off from that part of your professional journey. These things don’t happen all the time and you have no way of knowing when it’ll happen again. Nothing they’re going to tell you will guarantee you’ll pass the exam, but you might as well learn a thing or two to at least make the process slightly less daunting.

To register, just follow this link. Just give them a little bit of your info and off you go.

Can’t attend? Don’t worry, we’ll catch you up on what you missed when all’s said and done.

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