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Those Walking Workstations Aren’t Collecting Dust at Just Big PwC Offices

Nope! They're good enough for central Pennsylvania, too. The Harrisburg office only has about 60 people, but they are pulling up the stakes at Market Street, and getting brand new 6,300 square-foot home. 

The office will include media sharing technologies embedded in collaborative areas, as well as an interactive cafe and walk station to encourage informal teaming and healthy lifestyles and a work-anywhere wireless environment that is designed to allow natural light to permeate the space, she said. “The modern, efficient design of the new location will enable us to grow our business,” [spokesperson Amy] Gnadinger said.
But then again, if I think about it, maybe the walking workstations make perfect sense. Lots of people enjoy taking a stroll during the day, right? However, it's not always desirable to lose any valuable chargeable hours. The walking workstations would allow these eager beaves to take more walks if they knew they could keep their laptop and other work within reach.
Because really, the alternative would have to be an intern or new associate walk backwards — adjusting the pace as needed — holding the laptop while their superior works. While this is more meaningful than some of the work interns get assigned, I believe most state labor laws forbid such a practice.