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This Probably Didn’t Go Over Too Well With Many Grunts At EY

Carmine Di Sibio

“I was just talking to our team in terms of the importance of people, the importance of being empathetic, the importance of making sure that we’re taking care of our people. And, you know, we talk to our clients about this all the time. We’ve actually hired 115,000 people in the last year, but we’ve also lost people. So, you know, the culture of the organization is incredibly important. And our culture, and hopefully many companies’ culture, is around taking care of their people. And that was really shown during the pandemic. I think companies that took care of their people, I think they’re being rewarded for it now. And companies that didn’t or really didn’t care about it or were not empathetic, then I think they’re the ones that are losing people today.”

Carmine Di Sibio, global CEO and chairman of EY, told Yahoo Finance when asked about his thoughts on “The Great Resignation.”

This from the global head of a Big 4 firm in the US that will save $36 million annually by denying employees the right of accruing their vacation time when EY went to unlimited PTO last year. But hey, here’s a 1-800-Flowers gift card for all your hard work.

It’s just another example of Big 4 firms not practicing what they preach to clients. No wonder people are leaving the Big 4 in droves.

EY CEO on labor shortage: ‘Companies that took care of their people’ are being rewarded [Yahoo Finance]

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One thought on “This Probably Didn’t Go Over Too Well With Many Grunts At EY

  1. Burst out laughing when i saw this on my linkedin profile. While not everything is bad, this statement should have required a new level of cognitive dissonance. Tax service line especially seems to be filled with one of a kind specimens who wholly contribute to a toxic work environment. People are leaving in droves and they have been struggling to recruit unless they are willing to pay. Cheating people out of paid time, moving cost codes in the name of internal reorg to dilute the pool and reduce pay raises, denying long overdue promotions and then gas lighting juniors is rampant within EYs client technology service line. Stay off if you are thinking of applying.

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