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How Much Is An EY Shirt Selling For At TJ Maxx These Days?

About as much as a first-year at EY makes an hour during peak busy season.

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3 thoughts on “How Much Is An EY Shirt Selling For At TJ Maxx These Days?

  1. EY those guys are weak. Chipman69 would wipe up the floor at TJ Maxx with them, after he stole their women. H

  2. Do a story on how they only care about staff who are not Office Services and anyone else who are required to be in the office full time. Everyone else are shown concern for Covid & Omicron. Obviously every other employees lives are more important and told by leadership they have the choice to work from home or in the office. The message is clearly promoting flexibility for anyone not in the groups listed above. I’m lucky to not be apart of this group. However, I still don’t think those people should be treated any less. But the Covid-19 Updates sent to everyone in the firm clearly say’s they don’t care and they are less worthy. To say anything different than I’m sorry and we were wrong is plain wrong and violates the firm’s own code of conduct supposedly for all employee’s and Partners. However, most know this is not true. The managers of these groups don’t even follow the same guidance forced upon these people in the office.

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