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CPA Exam

Becker just updated and I take the exam on Friday…HELP!

So I was on a roll studying for my last section of the CPA exam when the Becker site closed for maintenance…unannounced. When I was able to get back in, the only materials available were in the new exam format. The chapters didn't align with my book or the fastpass couse that I just took […]

How much time to expect studying for the CPA?

Appreciate any valuable input, I am just looking for a passing score, since I will be starting in industry my schedule will not be as tight as in public. Thanks. 

Taking the CPA exam internationally

Hey all, I am currently a U.S citizen and resident and wish to be abroad for the next 18 months for personal reasons.  During this time I'd like to study full-time for the exam, but the FAQ page on the NASBA site is wicked confusing (  One paragraph talks about how you won't be accepted […]

Forget everything from Uni. How to prep for CPA?

Hello I graduated from a Bachelor of Commerce program specializing in accounting 2 years ago.  I would like to enroll in the CPA program but I feel like I don't remember anything from school.  Unfortunately, I was the type of student that memorized, didn't fully understand the concepts and got marks in the 70s. I […]

How to get proof of 1000 audit hours after leave the current company?

Hi GC people, glad I found this community here! I have a quesiton about how to get a full disclosure CPA license. I started in audit practice in Jan 2015 at my current employer, but I'm about to switch to tax at a new company at the end of month (true passion, got the audit job too early in college). I […]

1 Year work Experience Requirement Question

Assuming I pass all 4 parts of the CPA Exam in Texas.   Questions: 1. Is there any other way to meet the 1 year work experience under a licensed CPA than work for a firm with a licensed CPA? I am asking this question because I intend to start my own consulting practice in […]


So the exams as you know are long. I have a FAR test planned for early July. I expect my attention span to whither quickly. I need blood pumping through my veins to keep that attention span going. I would LOVE to be able to do like 50 pushups, bicycle crunches, or whatever…Does prometric typically […]

Process of Applying to Taking the CPA

So I am planning on taking the CPA exam as a candidate for Georgia and am going to be taking my exams in Texas. I have been trying to contact the states to set up my exams but wanted some advice on the best way to go about signing up for the exams and planning […]

Can I sit for the CPA in one state and work in another?

I am looking to get my CPA this summer. I have planning on moving from Georgia to Texas. In Georgia I meet the requirements to sit for the exam  where as in Texas I do not. What are the most important decision points in deciding which state to sit for the exam in? Can I […]

Am I too dumb for accounting?

I just found out I failed AUD with a 59. After I graduated I thought I would pass all the tests with high scores and would get a good job as an above average accountant. Now I am wondering if I am too dumb to be an accountant. I am too ashamed to tell my […]

Does the CPA exam content repeat window to window?

This was discussed in several other threads and think it deserves its own subject. I claim that the CPA test changes every window. Some say it is the same. 15% of the questions and one SIM are "pre-test" (per the AICPA): "Responses to pretest questions are never taken into account in calculating candidate scores. Pretest […]

Has anyone else had difficulty taking the exam this week?

I was scheduled to take REG on Monday, but Prometric was closed due to icy weather.  I proactively rescheduled it to Tuesday, and Prometric was still closed.  So I rescheduled for Saturday, the only day that had any spots open.  It’s snowing again today and not looking good for tomorrow.  I live in Texas, and […]

Do CPA scores matter in the job application process?

This subject is perennially questioned on the Another71 forum. Should I mention my high CPA scores? Should I mention I passed on the first try? Most members on Another71, and all of the moderators have multiple CPA test failures culminated by low passing scores. I would think they would recuse themselves from answering, but no. […]

How does it work sitting for the CPA in a different state?

Okay so I am a sophomore (rising junior) accounting student and I live in Kentucky and go to Eastern Kentucky University. My goal is to get my MBA with an accounting focus and get my CPA certification as well.  If all goes as planned, I will graduate with my MBA and CPA at right after […]

3 of 4 CPA Exam Sections Down, Freaked About REG

Okay – so it's been about 8 months since my previous post related to me walking out taking FAR. Since then I've passed FAR (85), AUD (80), BEC (80), and just received my REG score, 73. I can honestly say I was not as regimented in studying, I partied a lot closer to the date […]

CPA exam…. Is it really that hard?

Hi   Sat for first part of CPA last Saturday (Reg). Self studied for section for 8 weeks with Becker. Nothing special followed program exactly and did a solid 10 hrs a day 3 days leading up to test cram session. I walked out of testing center feeling relatively confident. MCQ got harder (good sign) […]

Passed all exams but quitting before 1 year

Hi, I've passed all of my CPA exams (FAR, AUD, BEC & REG – haven't taken Ethics) in the State of New York, but I am quitting my Big Four firm after just 5 months. Long story short, I have been miserable at the job and I am pursuing other financial positions that will better […]

Is there life after Big 4 in tax without a CPA?

Having left Big 4 recently with no intentions on returning, how limited would I be career wise without a CPA in tax? I work in O&G now, everyone has their CPA except our Tax Director. 

Gearty v. Olinto: who ya got?

Becker smackdown. Jersey Boy versus Brooklyn Fonz. Yellow highlighter versus red underliner. Pick a favorite and tell us why. Or tell us which one would win in a streetfight.

How do I fulfill required accounting courses on a budget?

I have an Engineering degree from a foreign country. I wish to give CPA, but I don't have many accounting courses since my undergraduate degree was in Electronics Engineering . I'm on a tight budget. Please suggest a way I could get all my requisite courses. Will community college be useful? I live in Nevada, […]

How did you feel after your first section of the CPA Exam?

Just took FAR.  Felt miserable afterwards.  First testlet was easy, second and third were pretty rough.  The third being riddled with Gov't questions that were really tricky.  Got to the SIMs, and wow, brutal.  The SIMs were much lengthier and trickier compared to Becker, the first two I had covered. Third and Fourth I'm hoping […]

CPA Exam prep schedule

Hello GC,    First off, I like to say thank you for your wonderful service through this website. Despite this being my first question, I have been following this website frequently since I first heard of it during my winter audit internship of 2013 at a Big 4. My goal is to get done as […]

Should An IT Auditor Take The CPA Exam?

I'm at IT Auditor who serves external audit clients at a "Big-4 Firm". This question is with regard to certifications/licenses: I will be wrapping up my CIA cert. next week as I am taking the final section. If you're wondering why an IT Auditor is pursuing the CIA – simple, I served as an Operational […]

Which is the most difficult part of the exam?

For those about to take the exam, what was the most difficult part of the exam for you to pass?  Based on that, which section do you feel is best to take first?  In one way, I'd like to take the easiest part of the exam first as a confidence-builder, but I've heard that is […]