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How to get proof of 1000 audit hours after leave the current company?

Hi GC people, glad I found this community here! I have a quesiton about how to get a full disclosure CPA license. I started in audit practice in Jan 2015 at my current employer, but I'm about to switch to tax at a new company at the end of month (true passion, got the audit job too early in college). I think there should be 1000 audit hours under my belt since I started. I have one more section to knock off for my CPA exam and I'm wondering how do people show evidence of 1000 audit hours when they apply full disclosure license. Especially I'm about to leave the firm, should I ask for some proves before I hand my notice? I heard they use time sheets as evidence but I doubt the firm will give me that cause that kinda expose the client information i guess…Any advice is welcomed, thank you all in advance!