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1 Year work Experience Requirement Question

Assuming I pass all 4 parts of the CPA Exam in Texas.
1. Is there any other way to meet the 1 year work experience under a licensed CPA than work for a firm with a licensed CPA? I am asking this question because I intend to start my own consulting practice in accounting information systems and cloud computing. 
2. If for question 1 that is not the case would multiple part time jobs under licensed CPAs and internships count as part of the 1 year work experience or would it have to be working 1 year consistently with 1 employer?
3. If I were to take the CPA exam and pass but do not have the 1 year work experience is there a grace period between how long I have to get a job working under a CPA for 1 year and not have to retake the exam in the future?
4. Is there a way to get a non-practicing license without the 1 year experience? I still plan to get all the required annual CPE credits since I attend those events anyways.