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Has anyone else had difficulty taking the exam this week?

I was scheduled to take REG on Monday, but Prometric was closed due to icy weather.  I proactively rescheduled it to Tuesday, and Prometric was still closed.  So I rescheduled for Saturday, the only day that had any spots open.  It’s snowing again today and not looking good for tomorrow.  I live in Texas, and everyone freaks out at the sign of any winter weather.

As of 2/25, NASBA tweeted that they do not have any plans to extend the Q1 testing window.  This is absurd given how many sites have been closed across the country just this week due to bad weather.  If your test has been delayed this week, please tweet @NASBA or send them an email at [email protected] to urge them to extend the Q1 testing window. 

This is only my 2nd test, so I’m a newbie when it comes to NASBA, but I’m really hoping that the past month I spent studying doesn’t go to waste.