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Am I too dumb for accounting?

I just found out I failed AUD with a 59. After I graduated I thought I would pass all the tests with high scores and would get a good job as an above average accountant. Now I am wondering if I am too dumb to be an accountant.

I am too ashamed to tell my family and now I am starting to feel discouraged with 4 exams left and it seems I still have not found a study schedule that is effective. Does anyone have any advice?

To make matters worse, some relatives are not even calling me anymore because they are so disappointed. Exact quote, "We are in disbelief that you have not been able to pass a single exam. Are you even trying?"

I honestly haven't been able to sleep, eat or concentrate (which I know is only making matters worse…but I can't get out of this slump). I am so upset with myself for not being able to pass this exam.