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Forget everything from Uni. How to prep for CPA?


I graduated from a Bachelor of Commerce program specializing in accounting 2 years ago.  I would like to enroll in the CPA program but I feel like I don't remember anything from school.  Unfortunately, I was the type of student that memorized, didn't fully understand the concepts and got marks in the 70s. I am now more mature and regret that I didn't pay more attention in school.  I am very motivated to try to become a CPA.  The company I'm working for is also paying for it.  I don't mind doing more work.  I'm wondering is there something I should do right now, before I enroll in the CPA program? Perhaps buy and read textbooks from university, or do the CPA review courses now?  I'm working full time so I want to make sure I have a good foundation before I start the program and there are time limits.

Thank you!