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Red Flags on Background Checks & Hiring Process

Been worrying about this issue for awhile. Have tried talking to professors and people in the industry and cannot seem to find a solid understanding of what to do and/or what will most likely happen.

I am an undergrad senior graduating this Spring 2015 with my accounting degree. During the fall semester of my Junior year I was able to get an internship for the upcoming summer (2014) at a Big 4. Prior to starting they conducted a background check and noticed my first DUI and made me disclose information and still let me continue to work with the internship. Did well during the summer and they extended a full-time offer to me starting in winter/spring of 2016 while mentioning that they will be conducting a second background check prior to starting.

Here lies the problem, days before starting my internship (after conducting first background check) I received my second DUI (which they do NOT know about). I'm wondering if anybody out there knows how this will play out when they conduct the 2nd background check in 2016. They will see it and I am worried that my offer will be revoked. When I start in 2016, the majority of my obligations will have been met regarding court orders and dmv suspensions.

Many people have said it shouldn't terminate the employement offer however it is a possibility.

If anyone has any information regarding the hiring and background check process and what they think would happen to someone in my position, please let me know as this has been a great worry. Would greatly appreciate the feedback!