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Seeking Advice Regarding Going from Tax to Financial Accounting Advisory at Big 4

Hi Accountants,

Long story short>> I was hired on campus to be a Tax accountant although my degree is in Business Administration. I was honest with the tax partner at the interview about the fact that I know nothing about Tax and I don’t know if I will like it.

She asked me to try it for a year and that if I didn’t like it she would help me go to audit or something else. I just completed my first year and got promoted to Staff II. She is now helping me go to “Financial Accounting Advisory Services”

I will have an in house interview in 3 weeks. I am seeking your advice with this matter and I’m listing the pros and cons below:


-I will be doing a project based work that is more interesting to me and prepares me well for high tech book accounting to be a CFO in the long term

-No busy season and more smooth hours

-Slightly better pay

-More time to focus on the CPA preparation


-Commute: I live 6 miles away from my office as a tax accountant and because my office doesn’t have “FAAS” team, I will need to be at a different office that is 82 miles away from where I live in SoCal.

-I will be coming in as a staff I not II

Would you make this change if you were in my shoes?? Any thoughts and/or advice for the move and the in-person interview is much appreciated.

Thanks for your help!