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Accounting News Roundup: Diversity Training Myths; Accounting’s Evolution; Highlighting Overload | 03.11.15

Diversity Training Myths Your Company Needs To Drop Now [Fast Co]
"Hundreds of workplaces and schools use some form of diversity training," writes Princeton psychologist Betsy Levy Paluck in her research on the topic. "But most interventions are not grounded in theory, and there is little evidence of program impact." In fact, many of the widely accepted practices used by companies today may have the opposite effect of decreasing diversity among managers, social scientists have found.

SEC official eyes accounting mandate for municipal issuers [Reuters]
Issuers of municipal bonds should be required to adhere to certain accounting standards to enhance transparency in the $3.7 trillion U.S. muni market, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner Dan Gallagher said on Tuesday.

Accountants must evolve to survive [economia]
This means you, olds and youngs alike.

Citigroup’s Roaring Revival on Wall Street [DealBook]
Citigroup’s advance has involved acquiring vast amounts of derivatives, the financial instruments that gained notoriety during the 2008 financial crisis. It has at times snapped up derivatives from other banks that have been selling them to comply with new rules.

The struggle is real [Twitter]


The average number of drinks men and women have at every age, charted [Wonkblog via WaPo]
Anyone care to audit these numbers?

New Study Confirms That There Are Way Too Many Studies [Vocativ]
It results in scholars quickly forgetting the most important studies.