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Now That He’s Sentenced, Scott London Plans For the Future

This is worth pulling out of the archive.

In an exclusive interview last year, London tells CNBC he received $50,000 in cash, a watch worth $10,000, and $10,000 in "gifts" for his wife by giving tips only an insider would have to his pal Brian Shaw. As we all know by now, Scotty walked away from his guilty plea last week with a $100,000 fine and 14 months in prison.

It goes without saying — you can verify this with Sam Antar — that most crooks feel bad not for doing bad but for getting caught. In this case, London has to be kicking himself for flushing his 30 year career with KPMG for a $30,000 LOSS. So not only are you a criminal, you're a really bad criminal.

That video, tho:

Now that we know how long Scotty boy will spend in prison (LOL "prison"), a lot of you are probably asking what he plans to do after. Well, there probably aren't many opportunities for a 50-some year old dude with insider trading and a prison term on his record. But don't worry, he has hope. Per CNBC last summer:

London could face 20 years in prison, but he is hoping his guilty plea will lead to leniency. With two kids bound for college, he said he's saved some money but will need to eventually go back to work. "I'm only 50," he said, "I'll wait on tables, I'll do whatever it takes."

In the meantime, he has offered to take a polygraph to answer any questions about whether he was a lone wolf at KPMG or if this was truly the first time he'd traded inside information. So far, the feds have not asked him to follow through. He'll return to court to formally plead guilty and then face sentencing.

"I'll regret it 'til the day I die," London said.

No word on KPMG taking him up on that polygraph offer. Pretty sure everyone just wants to put this in the past and move on.