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This Off-Kilter Accounting Firm Just Launched a New Website Begging to Be Judged

Everyone having an OK Monday so far? No? Too bad.

Blumer CPAs is having a good Monday, as they recently dropped this bad boy on the Internet:

TAKE THAT, trustworthy autumnly color schemes!

True to form, the new Blumer CPAs site is — like the whole Blumer philosophy — not your grandpa's accounting firm. Naturally, there are clients out there who won't appreciate helpful text such as this:

We do all the stuff you expect CPAs to do: process improvement, accounting, tax planning and preparation, payroll, software support and financial counseling. We won’t be commoditized, and fight for the brand of the CPA to be seen as a rainbow-colored force to be reckoned with, yo.

But who cares about what those stuffy folks might think?

What do you think of the redesign? Would you let these folks near your books and records?

Can't be any worse than this, right?